Robin Lopez: No news is good news?

Per an official Suns release:

Suns center Robin Lopez was seen today by specialist Dr. Christopher Huston of The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) in Phoenix.  Lopez, who has missed the club’s last eight games due to an injured back, did not receive an epidural and is progressing well.  He will continue to undergo rehabilitation and will be re-evaluated in one week.

So basically we don’t know anything more than we did yesterday, but at least we did not find out that Lopez is out for the year. With a back injury, I always expect the worst, whereas this looks like good news in that he has not been ruled out of anything except for likely missing the beginning of the playoffs.

  • Brandon

    Robin Lopez is a vital part to the suns defensive presence. I am a huge suns fan, but i think it will be hard for the suns to go deep in the playoffs without Lopez’s help on defense and offense as well. The suns just get outrebounded to much without him in there. That being said the suns do still have Nash and STOUDDDY

  • Mike Meez

    I totally agree with Brandon here. We look like a different team without Robin in the lineup. Unfortunately, I think we’ve looked more like the December-January team in the last few games than the team that’s been on fire since the All-Star break. The main difference between the team during December-January and now is that Amare is still playing at a phenomenal level. Still, I don’t think that alone can get the Suns further than the 2nd round. I sure hope they prove me wrong.

  • The Z. Man

    More for you Mike.

    Less is more. Suns won 71% of their games that Robin started. Suns have won 75% of games since Robin went out with a bad back.

    Barbosa is back!!!! Suns have won nearly 85% of their games since the return of the Brazilian Blur. Even more wins than that when Leandro starts along side Nash.

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • JoCaLa

    Lopez is the only way we will get past the second round. Thats giving us a chance in the first.

    Barbosa needs to start making that extra pass and stop making stupid mistakes on defense. 6mil is a lot for a guy who doesn't play like an all star . . .

  • KeZ

    Start Jones the last two games and see how it works before the playoffs! If it works out just fine they need 2 start him in the playoffs aswell….

  • The Z. Man

    Very good Ke Z.

    I like that idea. None of us knew Robin would do so well. Give the dude a shot. Nash says he like Collins in the post. Hope he really does. Suns are winning more. Part of that may be the opposing team. Both of our most recent losses have come to playoff teams.

    Tonight, home court will be on the line. I know that Jones has an ugly shot. Does not have a feel for the hoop. But, much like Louis and Robin, he has a nose for the ball. Because of the importance of tonight’s game, I believe we need to give it our best shot. That not only means maximum effort and focus, but, going with whatever player combinations that give our Suns the best odds. This is why a move like you suggest could have huge potential but, on the flip side, could cost our odds of winning the game. Best odds for the Suns has come from pairing Nash with the Brazilian Blur.

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • CRev

    The suns are probably one and done without Lopez in the middle…..he brings the anchor to the defense that they lack without him. Forget about all the statistics, without Lopez the suns are finished. Also, most suns fans have come to realize not to put much trust and stock into Barbosa. The guy’s mental mistakes and constant choking under pressure has become an expectancy. So, PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK ZMan with the LB campaign!

  • Joe TCS

    A key factor is whether or not we beat the Jazz. If we do then we'll end up with a 3 seed and hopefully play Portland in the playoffs who'll be with or without an injured Brandon Roy. If not, we'll end up playing the Jazz who can't lose at home.

  • King Fahd

    Haha..CRev, I think we were all thinking the same with the Z. Man, who I am starting to believe is actually Barbosa (himself). Remember the Avatar parody? "Blue Boyee (with the Brazilian accent)"..

    As far as Fro'pez is concerned, I think we need to rest him as long as we can. And if he does happen to return in the playoff, let it be with no risk of injuring his bulging disk. He will be key for us, if he's healthy, but I think we can possibly manage to do without him, at least, in the 1st round.

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