Robin Lopez to be evaluated tomorrow

PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez will be evaluated Monday by Dr. Christopher Huston, a spine disorder specialist, after which time the Suns will have a better handle on when or if Lopez will return this season from a bulging disk injury in his back.

“He’s making some progress, but we have to assume that he’s not going to be with us and then if he ends up being with us that will be a huge bonus for us,” said Suns head coach Alvin Gentry.

“I hope that I’m wrong and we end up getting him.”

Gentry plans on sticking with the status quo with his rotations, meaning Jarron Collins will likely continue to start each half in Lopez’s place.

As for what the Suns miss without Lopez, Gentry said, “Just his presence. That size. He’s got great size and great presence. Not so much that he’s blocking a ton of shots or anything like that, but just to have that size makes a huge difference for us.”

  • rob

    hey idiot thanks for shutting down the espn chat with a game still going

  • King Fahd

    I hope we can get Fro'pez back in time for the post season. He means so much to our balance on being competitive on both sides of the court. He also creates momentum that the Suns' offense feed off of, such as blocking shots and countless rebound/hustle plays. But I think we can manage to hold off with him, at latest, until the 1st round. Assuming that we can advance to the 2nd round, we definitely will need him. Until then, we need to use Clark more in the rotation. I am starting to see signs of his potential, ever since he came back from the D-league assignment. This will also help him develop his game and experience to playing more. Put Collins in certain times of the game to balance out the defense. Other than that, please play Clark and Frye in that center spot more.

  • The Z. Man

    Well said King. With Earl, and/or Louis, we can play small ball. We could also give Frye another shot.

    Like the idea of playing small ball. Louis will give us the toughnes that, without Robin, we seem to miss in our starting unit.

    With that said, I believe we are losing our focus from the other half. Other half? Half of the lineup change we made in January that turned around this season for the Suns was starting Lopez instead of Frye. We went with another change, at that time. We sat the inconsistent hot and cold dunk blowing J-Rich on the pine. Instead, we started the Brazilian Blur. Barbosa knows how to play with Nash. They are nearly unstoppable when they play at the same time. LB needed surgery to remove his cyst but he's back. Leandro is healthy again and J-Rich has a sore back. Time to make the other half of the move pay off for the Suns. We play our best ball when Barbosa plays with Nash.

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let's go SUNS!!!!

  • Kevin B

    If you would have told me our Post Season hinges on Robin Lopez last year, I would say you were crazy…however, that is exactly what I now think. This guy has been such a difference maker!!! I wish him well and really hope this guy can come back ASAP!!!!

    Comeback Robin, please don't make this another year, where we all have to say "Only if we had (insert name here) we would have won!" I can not go through another year of repeating that!!!

    If he doesn't comeback I know we can still make some noise, but with him in there I really put us as one of the elite teams in the league!

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