Robin Lopez to be evaluated tomorrow

PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez will be evaluated Monday by Dr. Christopher Huston, a spine disorder specialist, after which time the Suns will have a better handle on when or if Lopez will return this season from a bulging disk injury in his back.

“He’s making some progress, but we have to assume that he’s not going to be with us and then if he ends up being with us that will be a huge bonus for us,” said Suns head coach Alvin Gentry.

“I hope that I’m wrong and we end up getting him.”

Gentry plans on sticking with the status quo with his rotations, meaning Jarron Collins will likely continue to start each half in Lopez’s place.

As for what the Suns miss without Lopez, Gentry said, “Just his presence. That size. He’s got great size and great presence. Not so much that he’s blocking a ton of shots or anything like that, but just to have that size makes a huge difference for us.”

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