Congratulations to Grant Hill

Grant Hill, an ever-proud Dukie, must be ecstatic about Duke's national title.

Grant Hill, an ever-proud Dukie, is ecstatic about Duke's national title.

Suns forward Grant Hill often likes to joke that he doesn’t start paying attention to Duke basketball until April.

For once, the ever-proud Dukie was able to catch the end of his Blue Devils’ season by sticking to that standard.

Yes, Duke is back on top of the world after finishing off Butler in a thrilling National Championship Game Monday night.

Hill tweeted, “Duke does it again,” “2010 NCAA Champions!!!!” and “Go Duke!” in the aftermath of the title. I assume that means he’s excited.

Amazingly, this is only Duke’s second championship since Hill won back-to-back titles in 1991 and 1992 for the Dukies. The other, of course, was in 2001 against my Wildcats.

It was a good day all around for Hill, as earlier on Monday it was announced that Grant is among the 2009-10 divisional winners of the NBA Sportsmanship Award. Already the only two-time winner of the award, they might need to change the name of the Joe Dumars Trophy if Hill takes the award again.

This honor is bestowed upon the NBA player “who best represents the ideals of sportsmanship on the court,” according to a league release. Hill previously won the award, which has been around since 1996, in 2004-05 in Orlando and 2007-08 with the Suns.

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  • JoCaLa

    Love Grant,
    But . . . GO WILDCATS!!!

  • The Z. Man

    Last night, I saw Grant Hill in the Suns game.

    Even before the tipoff, it was going to be a good game for him, for sure. Hill had a wild, pumped up look in his eyes. By the time the game was over, he had worn a rare smile on his usual poker face. After Dragic made some nice plays, Hill was giving him hugs.

    VERY good timing, as he is obviously excited about Duke. With Lopez out, we could have been filled with doubts about losing that last game, the only game we played vs. a playoff bound team on our just completed road trip. Hill does not have the Spurs massacre – they may remember the Alamo but we remember Horry – to fire him up like STAT and Barbosa and Nash. Suns were playing vs. the hottest team in the West (winning their last four.) That may have given cause for further doubt among our Suns. Tony Parker just came back. That may have also planted some fear in the minds of our team. Suns, however, seem to know no fear. Hill came out of the gate to make a dunk in the first half. Late in the game, Hill added a monster statement slam dunk. Hill, unlike J-Rich, is no longer in his 20's and neither does he miss his dunk. Last night, even J-Rich followed suit by not missing his dunk. Timmy was about to have his way with Frye. When Frye went for the fake, Timmy showed off his best post move. Spin in the opposite direction for his own easy dunk. Easy read for me just watching and evidently an easy read for Grant Hill. Suns #33 rotated from the weak side. Before Timmy knew it, Hill came up on the baseline to block Timmy's dunk. Having Hill so pumped up last night was a HUGE plus for the Suns. Having STAT and Nash and LB fired up vs. the "Remember Horry" Spurs was another plus. Last night was not one of Leandro's best games but has anyone noticed the "coincidence" that we are 10-1, since the Brazilian Blur has come back? Just a coincidence?

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let's go SUNS!!!!