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So you're saying there's a chance?

Last year at this time I published a story with this headline, only it pertained to the odds of the Phoenix Suns winning the draft lottery days after getting crushed in a must-win game in Dallas that effectively ended all hope of a playoff berth.

This time around it refers to the chances of the Suns winning it all (can’t believe I just typed those words).

I often tweet back and forth with Mike Morgan (@morgamic), one of the first ValleyoftheSuns readers I got to know a little bit, and he sent me this little gem last week courtesy of ESPN’s Playoff Predictor (much more fun than the Lottery Machine and almost as fun as the Trade Machine).

It only took Mike 12 tries to get a day many of you have been waiting for for decades:

Can the Playoff Predictor see the future?

Can the Playoff Predictor see the future?

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