Ask The Perfesser

You know, Professor John Hollinger over at, Stat Geek Extraordinaire.  In his daily Playoff Odds, Hollinger has the Suns cruisin’ into the playoffs as the fifth seed:

That’s not bad.  I mean, I know, as everybody says, that the goal is to make it into the top four because that guarantees home field advantage.  But five is a decent spot to be…the Suns, if the Prof. is correct, would play the Mavs in the first round.

Now, of course, that would give ESPN et. al. a whole lot of promotional material for the matchup (because, as you may be aware, Nash used to play for the Mavs.  Oh…you knew that?  Well, never mind, then).  But I don’t think it’s a bad setup for the Suns.  At least it’s not, say…the Spurs (who are nowhere near as good as the Suns but who, for some reason, the Suns don’t seem to play worth a damn for some reason which I assume has something to do with that whole 5-vs.-8 thing in the playoffs a few years ago [and every time the Suns play the Spurs, for that matter]).

We’ll keep checking in on the Odds and see how the Suns are looking…but if they keep playing the way they’re playing while other teams keep playing the way they’re playing…things look pretty good for the Suns.

  • Adam

    I’d say that Hollinger’s new Playoff Odds look good for teams I generally loathe…only. Portland/Utah in the first round is not great for Portland, but they have played decently in Utah this year. Would have much prefered the Mavs for Blazers in the opening round. Denver getting the Spurs ABSOLUTELY SMELLS. Ginoballs is currently playing out of his skull…and the Nuggs can’t beat anybody, especially on the road. The only series that seems to be really interesting is the Suns/Mavs…I think the Suns win that series going away, but after 4 fun games. As for LA/OKC, if Durant gets really hot for 4 games, they (maybe) could pull off a bit of an upset.