Hey, Channing! Stop Lying!

No way.  You know I took boxing for a couple of summers. I know how to hit somebody if I want to hit somebody.

-Channing Frye, quoted here.

I’m sorry, Channing.  I like you a lot.  I think you’re a good guy and I really like seeing you have some success here in the PHX, especially after you got dicked around by the Blazers last year.  But this is bullshit.  You’re just straight-up lying, and you’ve been lying about it over and over since the second it happened.  But the fact is, you tried to punch Danny Granger.  Ain’t no two ways about it.  The unfortunate part about your lie is that, well, 47 different cameras caught everything that happened in that little altercation (which, again, wasn’t really a big deal and shouldn’t warrant much in the way of punishment).  And when your fist goes towards another dude’s face, well, that’s called throwing a punch.

You know this from experience.  You were there when the Knicks and Nuggets came to fisticuffs in the Garden because Isiah was sad about losing so he told that thug Mardy Collins to go in there and thug somebody up.  Hey, Carmelo didn’t throw a punch either.  As fist traveled toward face, it was like you could see him thinking, “Oh crap, I can’t do this” but momentum was not on his said so all he could do was open his hand, making him look like a weenie.  Maybe you, in the same vein, re-thought your punch mid-punch.

But your closed fist was thrown, intentionally, by you, at an opposing player.  And lying ain’t making it any better.  I surely don’t want you to be suspended, but if I were Papa Stern, I’d take a long look at that video, and then I’d listen to you telling anybody within shouting distance that you didn’t throw a punch, and I’d double whatever suspension I’d decided was appropriate (not that Stern is the official disciplinarian, but you get my drift).  Tell the truth, Channing!  It’ll set you free!  I guess that’s not entirely true in this case, but stop being such a wiener.

(In case you need to see that video and watch Channing throw a punch, look here.)

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