Last Night's Suns-Pacers Game Recap

I’m just gonna throw this out there…Channing can talk all he wants about his history and what kind of great guy he is, but none of that really matters.  If you throw a punch in an NBA game, you get suspended.  I mean, that’s the rule, at least.  The NBA seems to find their way around that rule whenever they don’t want to actually suspend a guy, but it seems like the only guys who don’t get suspended are superstars or players on Papa Stern’s fave teams.  So you’re probably gonna get suspended, Channing.  Sorry.  I’ll bet you wish, in hindsight, that you had thrown a real punch and actually landed it instead of whatever half-assed thing it is that you did.

And just to be clear; I’m not absolving Earl Watson or Danny Granger of fault, but what they did happens fairly regularly in NBA games when dudes get all fired up and pissed, especially when they’re bitter about playing for a total dog like the Pacers.  Channing threw a punch.  The rules are pretty clear about punching, and they’re enforced to the letter when you play for a team like the Suns.  And I’m not advocating violence, I’m just saying that if you feel strongly enough to throw the punch, you probably oughta just throw it, since you’re gonna get suspended either way.  Anyway, let’s see what Robot G thinks:

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