Excuses and Delusion

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Good morning, Sunners-N-Gunners (that doesn’t really work, does it?).  Robot Grandma’ll be back tomorrow, but she’s sleeping in this morning after watching last night’s win drubbing mauling complete and total beatdown of the Clips.  Seriously…after thumping the Nuggets by 16, they stomped the Clips by 26 (!), for the second consecutive absolute destroying of an opponent.

I know that +/- is not a perfect stat, and especially so in small sample sizes, but I think it can be interesting just to see how things move in a game.  That said, every Sun last night was a plus (except for Earl Clark’s -3 [dammit, Earl!]), and every Clipper was a minus, including a pair of -28s off the bench for Steve Blake and DeAndre Jordan.  Yow.

But don’t worry.  Clippers coach Kim Hughes thinks the Clippers just didn’t try very hard:

“I thought some of us started feeling sorry for ourselves, and that bothered me,” Hughes said. “I didn’t think we ran back on defense at all.”

Whatever, coach.  You’re the head coach of the Clippers.  Donald Sterling signs your checks.  Time to start feeling sorry for yourself.  Your team is not good.  Sorry.  Also, your own home paper had some interesting commentary about your team.  Maybe you should worry more about that:

Let’s see…7 links, six of them to articles about the NBA…and one about a cute baby gorilla.  I guess I sort of fail to see how that’s related.  Maybe the Times thinks that’ll take some of the sting off.  I doubt it.

But let’s not waste any more time on the Clippers, ok?  Let’s move on to more pressing issues, like, for example, this completely delusional Utahan.  He’s a sports talker on KJZZ in Salt Lake, so I’d imagine he’s pretty pro-Jazz.  But he says some silly things.  For example:

Only a few days ago, the Jazz had visions of winning the Northwest Division, taking with it the Western Conference’s No. 2 seed. At that point, a Kobe Bryant sprained ankle or shooting slump could potentially thrust the Jazz into the NBA Finals.

Uh…what?  Ok, so the Jazz were playing pretty well, sure.  But the only thing standing between them and the Finals would be Kobe?  Not the other 6 playoff teams the Jazz might have to play?  Nice try, guy.  But here’s the best part:

More doubt seeped in this week, when the dregs of the NBA, otherwise known as the Los Angeles Clippers, beat up on the Jazz for 43 of the 48 minutes. Worse yet, All-Star Deron Williams, considered by many the game’s best point guard, succumbed to the pressure and missed two free throws that could have tied the game with 16 seconds left.

Ok, I’m sorry.  Deron Williams is good.  I can admit that, despite my intense, fiery hatred of the Jazz.  But the game’s best point guard?  Considered by many?  Many what?  Many delusional Jazz fans?  Ok, maybe, but if you’re talking about people outside Utah, I’m pretty sure that NOBODY considers Deron Williams to be the game’s best point guard.  As has been covered over and over again, he’s not even the best point guard from his own draft class!  Oh wait…maybe he didn’t mean “the game” as in “basketball.”  Maybe he meant “the game” as in “that particular game against the Clippers.”  Did I miss something about that game?  Did Boom not play?  Oh, because then he’d be wrong about that, too.

Anyway, this Patrick fella actually gives some love to the Suns, calling them “an excellent team” and “a direct competitor.”  He says that tonight’s matchup is going to be a “must-win” for the Jazz.  Well, best of luck with that.  Unfortunately for you, the Jazz won’t have the best point guard in this game either…

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