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The Suns Dodged Some Bullets Today

I know, I know…you’re not supposed to use ammo-related metaphors when talking about today’s NBA.  But I just can’t help myself.  It’s really true.  Serious bullet-dodging.  Here are two trades the Suns were supposedly going to make (and yeah, I know everybody lies about everything this time of year, but there’s truth out there, too.  I’m operating under the assumption that both of these things are true):

After trading Amar’e to Cleveland for the pupu platter, the Suns were going to flip Big Z’s Expiring Contract (whether Big Z himself was to be included in this deal is undetermined) to Utah.  For freaking Carlos Boozer.  Now, not being the kind to let my personal feelings get in the way of honest assessment (just kidding; I think Boozer’s a jerk, and not just because he’s German and went to Duke), I’d like to compare STAT to Boozer.  Now, Boozer is almost exactly one year older than STAT (that’s not huge, but it matters).  This year, their PERs are nearly identical: 20.47 (CB) to 20.44 (STAT).  Boozer rebounds a bit more (12.4 per 40-10.0 per 40), STAT scores more (24.5 per 40-21.9 per 40).  But here’s the thing: STAT wants big money.  Boozer wants free money.  Both will be free agents after this season.  If you wanted one to be on your team to (hopefully) have the best chance of signing him, it’d have to be Amar’e, right?  Even at this point, STAT’s got way more potential, right?  Their best seasons so far?  In 2006-7 Boozer put up what Prof. Hollinger called a “monster” season–a 24.11 PER.  The next year, Amar’e threw down a 27.29 (which I’m pretty sure Hollinger referred to as “retarded” until Sarah Palin started threatening him)–and this on top of his 2004-5 26.71.  Amar’e, at his best, is straight-up, no-doubt, better than Boozer.  And for the same money, you take STAT every day of the week, right?  To replace Amar’e with Boozer would have been ridiculous.

Secondly, apparently at the eleventh hour, the Suns were actively talking to Houston about a deal for Luis Scola, Shane Battier’s Mustache, and some draft picks.  What the hell, Suns?  I mean, really.  Is there anything about that that makes any sense whatsoever?  I don’t even want to get into stats or anything like that.  It’s just straight bullshit.  And I don’t even really care whether the Rockets or the Suns initiated the conversation (there are conflicting reports).  If the Suns even approached a deal and didn’t just hang up on Dork Elvis, somebody should get fired.  Hm.  I wonder who they should fire.

This brings me to my point.  What the hell, Steve Kerr?  I mean, as my brother said today, “How the hell does Kerr still have a job?  My dog would make a better GM than Kerr, and she crazy.”  It’s true.  And that would make a sweet reality show: “Aoife the GM.”   I’d watch it, and I hate “reality” TV.  But Chucko made a good point in the comments of the “Qui Bono?” post, saying that Kerr is “not a strong negotiator, which is not something you want in your GM.”  That’s sure as hell true, but I guess that leaves me wondering…what is he supposed to be good at that makes him a viable GM?  I mean, maybe I’m just missing something, but what qualifies him for this position?  Little help?  Anyone?

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