Jamison to Cavs, Amare staying put?

It will be Antawn Jamison, not Amare Stoudemire joining LeBron James in Cleveland.

It will be Antawn Jamison, not Amare Stoudemire, joining LeBron James in Cleveland.

After spending the past few days laboring over Amare Stoudemire trade rumor after Amare Stoudemire trade rumor, it appears that STAT will not be headed to Cleveland, as The Washington Post recently reported that the Cavaliers agreed in principle to a deal with the Wizards and Clippers for highly-coveted forward Antawn Jamison.

The deal sends Jamison and point guard Sebastian Telfair to the Cavs, while the Clippers get Drew Gooden and the Wizards receive Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Al Thornton and Brian Skinner, along with Cleveland’s first-round pick.

This obviously means that Stoudemire in fact will not be teaming with LeBron and Shaq Diesel for a championship run. This afternoon it seemed like a STAT to Cleveland deal would break any minute, but the Cavs were able to lure in a third team to get that “stretch 4″ that they have so desperately been searching for.

Reports indicated that Stoudemire was Cleveland’s No. 1 priority, meaning that the Suns most likely turned down the J.J. Hickson and Ilgauskas deal that was reportedly on the table for Phoenix.

In fact, two sources told ESPN.com that Phoenix called Cleveland this afternoon to tell the Cavs that they decided against shipping Amare to Cleveland, turning the Cavs’ attention to option No. 2, Antawn Jamison.

For those who were so desperately hoping that Kerr could manage to bring back more than just cap relief and a high-upside 21-year-old, you can finally let out a big sigh of relief. But for the very few that thought the Suns needed to get at least something before Amare walks after this season, you may be out of luck.

So what does this mean for Amare’s future in Phoenix?

Well, because Amare’s agent Happy Walters so bluntly said that he thinks Stoudemire will be dealt, you can still assume that a deal might be made before the deadline, but the question becomes, with whom?

The Miami Heat are obviously the leading candidate now, but with their reported unwillingness to include Beasley in any deal, I don’t see how a deal could be made. Contrary to prior reports, sources told ESPN that the Heat are not against giving up draft picks in a deal — they own the Raprtors’ first-round pick, as well as their own.

“The Heat have offered a pick,” the source said. “I think this comes down to, will they offer their second first-rounder as well?”

So although Walters believes STAT is on his way out, unless Philadelphia re-enters the sweepstakes, a new team emerges, or the Heat can bring a third team into the mix for a three-way deal, I don’t foresee Amare sporting anything but purple and orange after tomorrow’s deadline passes.

“He’s going to be upset,” one source familiar with the process told ESPN.com. “He’s been reading his names in the headlines every day. He’s been wooed by Dwyane Wade and LeBron. It’s time to move on.”

Coro’s tweets

The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro posted to his Twitter:

  • @paulcoro As of now, it doesn’t sound like Amare is going anywhere. Cleveland watered down its offer before turning to Washington.
  • @paulcoro Amare said, “I haven’t been told anything at all so I’m just sitting and waiting.” Still think there’s a 50-50 chance of a trade.

  • Will

    The Amar'e to CLE deal never made sense in the first place. All the rumors that re-ignited over all star weekend were obviously motivated by the Cavs who were trying to apply pressure. JJ Hickson? That's all the starting C for the Western Conference is worth? Please.

    If the Miami deal works out, I hope it involves both Beasley and a #1 pick. If it doesn't, then just let him walk after the season.

    This does go to show that Gambo's reported rumors with a 3-team involving the Bulls and Deng were pure fiction. How can professional journalists continue to get away with that kind of stuff?

  • John

    If Stoudemire does not opt in for next year and the Suns get nothing for him, then a huge mistake has been made. What is the critical date this summer that Stoudemire is free? Don't the Suns lose trade leverage the closer it gets to the date Stoudemire is no longer Sun's property? If my understanding of the situation is incorrect, I apologize, but to let him get away and get nothing in return is a major mistake.

  • Zane

    YES!!! one step closer to Amare staying.

  • Kerr is a Clown

    y would he opt out next year? who else would pay him $17+million? he probably stays and either gets traded next year or works out a long term deal next year.

  • Ty

    I like it keep Amare and put J-rich back on the table fast.

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