Just a couple of words (really) on Amar'e to Cleveland

JJ Hickson + Zydrunas Ilgauskas = Not enough.

Can I be more clear about that?  It’s not enough for Amar’e.  Not by a damn sight.  If that’s the best deal that’s available, then Sarver needs to suck it up and just hold on to Amar’e and see what happens.  This is the case even if the rumors over at BSOTS are true, that the Suns would try to flip Z to somebody else because, as Seth notes, what could they really get?

After his $15% trade kicker jumps in Z’s contract is about $13.2m. Maybe you can get a young player and Josh Howard from the Wizards in a deal that saves them enough money to get under the luxury tax? Maybe you can get John Salmons and Jerome James expiring in moves that saves the Bulls cap space going into the summer.

I know that Seth wasn’t suggesting those as good deals for the Suns, but if that’s the kind of garbage that’s available, then…no.  Just…no.  That’s all I’ve got.

Seriously, STAT may not be in that Best-of-the-Best/Elite/Capable-Of-Being-The-Franchise-And-Thus-Worthy-Of-A-Max-Deal Category, but he sure as shit ain’t chopped liver.  I’d put him in that next tier down, the Not-Quite-The-Best/Really Freaking Good/Second-Banana-On-A-Champion Category.  And that surely oughta be worth a helluva lot more than JJ Hickson and the pupu platter.  And don’t call me Shirley.  Or whatever.

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