Can the Suns afford not to trade Amare at this point?

Have the Phoenix Suns reached the point of no return in these Amare Stoudemire trade negotiations? (Darren Ito/ValleyoftheSuns)

Have the Phoenix Suns reached the point of no return in these Amare Stoudemire trade negotiations? (Darren Ito/ValleyoftheSuns)

As the Amare Stoudemire trade rumor derby approaches the final turn, there’s no telling what might happen.

Some sources would lead you to believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the frontrunner.

Others would tell you that the Miami Heat are making a strong late push.

Then there’s the long-held belief that the Suns desire Andre Iguodala more than any other potential piece, and thus if the Sixers step to the table willing to make that happen then they would immediately become the favorites for Amare.

There could be three-way deals to either Miami or Cleveland via Philly and Iguodala, or there could be movement from a darkhorse team like the Nets that has the assets to make a deal happen but thus far has snuck under the radar away from public scrutiny.

The one scenario that appears to be becoming less and less likely as the clock ticks down on Thursday’s trade deadline is Amare Stoudemire remaining a Phoenix Sun.

With the Suns dangling him on a stick like a piece of meat in front of frothing teams around the nation, does anybody think there’s even an inkling he’s going to want to stick around here, especially at the hometown discount it likely would have taken to get a deal done?

Amare is all about pride. I don’t think he wants a max extension for the money so much as the recognition of being a player who can command a max salary. He cares very much about his status in the league. Remember those comments he made last year about wanting to be in the same class as the LeBrons, D-Wades and Dwights of the world? And why do you think he spend so much time on viral All-Star campaigns?

Amare is a big boy, but you’ve got to think all these trade rumors have hurt his feelings. This is the third year the Suns have considered moving him. I mean, think of all that’s happened since the KG-Amare rumors went down. Isn’t it amazing the Suns didn’t want to give up a young star like STAT for a chance at a title only a few short years ago? Even with the way Garnett has broken down since then, I think most Suns fans would do that deal in hindsight now that Amare is potentially being offered for J.J. Hickson.

I’ve said all along that Kerr and Griffin have a better feel for the likelihood of Amare re-signing in Phoenix, and if they determine such a deal won’t happen then they have to just go out there and get the best deal possible, as overall regrettable as that may be.

You can roll the dice this offseason, potentially hope he opts in to get at least one more year of Amare or you can just get value while you know you can get it. I wouldn’t blame Amare for leaving the Suns for nothing at this point with the way the organization has jerked him around.

If that’s what it’s come to then it’s time to just go out and get the best deal, and that means I hope Andre Iguodala will be a Sun. I have previously discussed why Iguodala and Dalembert bring the best value, and with Miami apparently either not offering Michael Beasley or the Suns having no interest in him, it’s time for Kerr to bring another Wildcat to the desert (and no, I’m not just saying that because of my UA ties).

This deal keeps the Suns competitive in 2010 (unlike the Hickson trade), and it will make them a major player in the 2011 offseason when many of the teams with cap space now will have blown their wad. Considering the potential collective bargaining changes, that could be a great summer to have some money to spend with contracts possibly being forced to be more manageable.

It doesn’t matter if this happens via a three-way with Cleveland, a three-way with Miami or a straight deal with Philly, but unless something changes in the Amare extension camp, this is a deal that must get done.

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  • Loose Balls

    Now the Suns cant afford a thats 21M over the cap anymore. I blame Danahy. Suns need to trade for a young talent like B-Easy, because they're just going to sell the draft picks. Iguodala would be a dream player to get back, but I think the Suns are committing to go under the cap next year and his contract is too much too long. That leaves J.J. He's fun to watch, but I'd rather see the Suns go for winning this year and keep STAT!

  • Jacob

    Once again, I disagree. Honestly, at this point I think the Suns will keep Amar'e for at least the rest of the season. They've all ready said that a trade for Hickson would be a last resort, they're seemingly not interested in anything Miami has to offer, and Philly hasn't shown interest as of late. Steve Kerr understands that Nash is 36 and that the Suns are still competing. He knows that Nash won't be able to produce at this high of a level for much longer, and he owes it to Nash to give him a run this season. The Suns are 31-22, and while most people believed the Suns would be on the outside looking in, Phoenix has proved that they have the ability to compete for a solid playoff seed. I just have a feeling that the front office is going to let Steve, Amar'e, and this group they have now finish off the season, and look into the Amar'e issue in the offseason (after he opts in, which I think is an extremely high possibility). This team is not a championship contender by any stretch, but they are a good team that can make some noise in the post season- and at this point, I feel that that's just good enough right now.

  • Brent

    Suns brass – PLEASE – WHATEVER YOU DO – consult your 2 time MVP!! Nash has given his heart and body to Phoenix and you owe it to him to let him have a say.

    If he thinks this team can contend with the right attitude and effort, then you OWE it to him to give it a shot. If he doesn't truly believe we can contend – then do the deal.

    So whatever is done, Kerr BETTER RUN IT BY NASH FIRST!!!

  • D Uffens

    Definitely trade JRich first and see where that leaves us…

  • Brian

    I blame Kerr for being a moron in handling this whole trade scenario in perhaps the worst way imaginable in the public eye and likely shredding any remnant of loyalty Amar'e might have still felt towards the organization.

  • AHL

    I mean, just read this again.

    "Amare is all about pride. I don’t think he wants a max extension for the money so much as the recognition of being a player who can command a max salary."

    Ugh. Amar''''''e get out.

  • Jake

    I totally agree, Jacob.

    Now all the playoff contenders are trying to make their squad better (or at least staying put) while suns are trying to trade their best inside player. How pathetic. Can't the suns organization be any smarter? I am 99% sure that Kerr loses his job after this season.

  • KH

    To clarify my post Philly wanted cap space and a young player/players of value. If they are going to try to be competitive Igoudala and Dalembert would do it more then anything that was coming back from the Suns. The Sixers also have 20 mil coming off the books next summer regardless of what they day. They can afford to wait a year and see if the team improves.

  • Andrew

    Can we have a petition to change the name of this site if Amare is traded for Hickson to "Valley of I want to slap the sh!t out of Kerr"?

  • KH

    The Philly trade isn’t happening. To be honest I’m not sure what Philadelphia was ever thinking. They never wanted to trade Igoudala unless they could also get rid of Dalembert and bring a young player of value and that really was a last resort. There recent better play has most likely cleared Stefnaski’s head a bit. If he is going to get fired its not with the blow torching of the Sixers on his conscience.

  • Andrew

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s Amare!

  • Mike Meez

    If we trade with the Cavs we better get at least one 1st round draft pick if not an additional 2nd round pick.

    Just saw this though:

    This conflicts with what I heard earlier about Amar’e’s tweet that he and Shaq don’t have any issues playing together. But this article is from today so who knows.

    Trading for Hickson is a dangerous move for Kerr. It’s bold and depends on Hickson developing into a premier player, or at least a dependable starter. I don’t think he would get nearly as much flak for trying to re-sign Amar’e this summer even if at this point that is unlikely because of all the trade talk. I honestly think both parties are ready to move on despite the fact that a trade would objectively not benefit the team or Amar’e.

  • King Fahad

    Why are the Suns so intent of starting over, when they just need a good role player who can defend the paint and rebound (Big Ben, who they let go away)? They have an opportunity to compete for a title. Or else, why would they sign an older Nash to an extension?

  • King Fahad

    They need to add a few key pieces around this core, not subtract. The owner is so cheap, despite Sarver insisting he’s not.

  • King Fahad

    We could have add a Camby to fill in for the void we lack. Why are we so blind? We need to see the light ahead. lol

  • kdogg

    Trade Amare to cavs????? Does the suns GM work for the CAVS? You seek Shaq for Marion WHY DUNNNO,,,, dump shaq to Cavs for Nothing.. now thinkin of Trading Amare For HOPE…. HMM Trade Kerr for another GM.. like the Lakers Gm lol they seem to be rolling with talent..or bring back Calangelo… lol Do something.. quick.. trade J rich.. brick brick brick.. man thats tough to watch..

  • asani

    steve kerr is a fucking moron. why alienate Amare and make him feel unwanted in this organization? people don’t realize that Amare for his career is averaging 21 points and 9 rebounds but the thing about the 21 points is he shoots the ball 14 times a game and makes 8 he would easily get a max contract if he was more of a focal point in this offense. A player like him should be shooting 17-24 times a game and averaging 28-31 points but the suns don’t seem to value this man. Say what you want defense wins championships but no offense won’t win you a damn thing

  • Soon to be former Suns fan in Portland

    Sarver + Kerr = *&%$#*@ @*$%6 &*@!? ***&%$? $&$^#!!!!

    I’m so sorry Steve Nash. These guys have ripped you off.
    At least my Blazers care about winning. Sorry Suns fans…

  • Soon to be former Suns fan in Portland

    Kerr is heading into Mchale territory. The sad thing is he and Sarver are buddies so he’s not going anywhere.

    Sarver + Kerr = worst owner GM combo in the league. (after Sterling + Dunleavy of course but the Clips don’t count…)

  • BaffledSunsFan

    Sarver and Kerr both make me sick, if your going to be a cheap skate why do you own a NBA Franchise. Sarver and Kerr have basically ruined one of the most prolific teams in the league. They drafted Rajon rondo and Luol Deng and basically gave them away for cash, now there going to just give away Amare for someone who might be an Above Average player someday or keep him and lose him for nothing because they’ve basically alienated him by shopping him around and treating him like he hasn’t been a main part of this team for the last 7 years. Those 2 make me want to puke

  • Raudin, Frederic

    I am very disappointed in what I see happening with this organization. No direction basically. Steve Nash should just demand a trade for himself. He earned that. He recognizes that his value is going to be marketing Sarver’s team but not to win a title if this trade with Amare goes down.

    It’s gut check time. We either are in for winning for the next 2-3 years or we let these players leave no matter the cost. Personally, I feel any trades for Amare makes absolutely no sense and that’s why the SUNS organization has to be fair with their expectations for a team that will not have a chance to compete at a high level without a post presence like Amare.

    Think the marketing of season’s ticket holders for next year helps achieve the financial restructuring. NO way. We are helping other teams out.

    I have seen too much of that with Marion, Joe Johnson and swapping draft picks for cash consideration that have turned real good pros. Just to mention a few in L. Dang, Rondo, and others.

    I am very disappointed for Steve Nash. Very!!!!

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