ValleyoftheSuns on your iPhone

You likely already know that there’s a mobile version of ValleyoftheSuns that lets you easily read all the stories you want without waiting all day for pictures to load.

Now you can also get to the site on the iPhone via the newly-released Fan Pulse app, which allows you to:

  • Follow teams like the Suns and trash talk fans of other teams before, during and after the game (not that I would ever suggest something like that or anything.)
  • Get scores and breaking news sent right to your iPhone.
  • Read not just scores but commentary from blogs such as this one.

Here’s what TechCrunch had to say about the app:

Yes, it’s sort of like setting up an online chat room or group IM session, but the app has other benefits. First, it’s on the iPhone, so you don’t need your computer out to chat. Second, the app gives you Push Notification updates for the game, as well as other games you may be interested in following — so you can multitask. Third, by “shouting” (their word for sending a message), you can also send these messages out to Twitter or Facebook with one click to update your statuses on those networks.

When you’re on the go during a big game, this app is a great way to stay close to ValleyoftheSuns — and maybe talk a little smack to Lakers fans while you’re at it.

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