Amare Stoudemire to Cleveland makes no sense

I understand Yahoo! Sports reported that the Cavs have emerged as “serious bidders” and that The Plain Dealer reported that the Suns and Cavs have engaged in “advancing talks” around Amare Stoudemire.

But I just don’t see it. The best the Cavs can offer is J.J. Hickson, a late first-rounder and cap relief. Hickson is a nice athlete and all, but the guy is averaging 7.4 and 4.4. He is young enough that he may yet turn into a real player some day, but at this point in time he’s not the kind of guy who can headline an Amare Stoudemire trade.

Yahoo! reports that the Heat have made everyone available but Dwyane Wade, but those offers (headlined by Beasley) don’t attract the Suns while something with Cleveland does. Hello! What am I missing here? That makes no sense.

Phoenix Stan (oops, I mean Seth Pollack) discussed the possibility of J-Rich being included with Wally Szczerbiak essentially signing a fake contract to make the numbers work, but I don’t really see that working for either team.

The Cavs would have way too many weak defensive players unwilling to sacrifice time and touches, and I don’t see why Cleveland would sacrifice its current championship chemistry for a whole is less than the sum of its parts kind of team anyway. That’s not to mention what such a deal could do to Cleveland’s 2010 cap.

The Suns would be set up nicely to make a splash in the Summer of 2010, but they would be trading a crack at the playoffs this season in the crapshoot (plus the Lakers) that is the Western Conference. I just don’t think the Suns will or should do that with a 36-year-old Steve Nash playing at an MVP level for potentially the last time in his career.

ESPN reported today the Suns are seeking “legitimate talent” for STAT, including a young player and a first-rounder, adding that “several” other teams have just as good a chance of landing Amare as Cleveland does. That leads me to believe yesterday’s reports were a bit blown out of proportion.

The way I see it, the Cavs just don’t have the pieces to match up with the Suns, as they can get a better young player and pick than Hickson and the Cavs’ selection and just as much cap relief elsewhere. I don’t know why Kerr is even talking to his old buddy Danny Ferry unless there’s a possibility of a three-team deal that lands Amare in Cleveland and makes some sense for the Suns.

I do understand that any Amare deal will make the Suns worse in the interim. I can live with that so long as the prospect they’re receiving is better than J.J. Hickson.

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