So...What Kind Of Deal Could The Suns Make?

Let’s say the Suns are going to trade STAT…and I just want to say again, I don’t want STAT to get traded, but I think there’s a solid possibility that it happens.  And if it does happen, well, I want to make sure the Suns get the best possible deal out of it.  And me blogging about it will certainly help, because I know that Kerr and Sarver are active Sun-N-Gun followers, so they’ll be reading everything I write about it I’m sure.  So with that little bit of self-delusion aside, let’s look at a couple things I was dinkin’ around with on the Trade Machine this afternoon:

Trade 1 involves only the Suns and Heat.  If the Heat are really pushing hard to try to acquire Stoudemire, then the Suns should try to take advantage of that, right?  It seems to me that if they’re only dealing with the Heat, they ought to get two things out of the deal–one potentially great player and a crapload of cap relief.  So I guess that would look like this:

The Suns get their potentially great player in Beasley and cut a boatload of payroll at the same time.  Considering all of the Suns’ expiring contracts, they’d end up somewhere between $16-$20 million under the cap, depending on what happens with the cap this summer (it’s rumored to drop).  Given the Suns’ appeal as a free agent destination, wouldn’t that be an awfully nice position to be sitting in headed into this big free agent summer?  They could even re-sign their own (current) free agents and still have the cash to chase after one of the big’uns.  Huh.  That ain’t bad for the Suns.

Now, let’s say the Suns didn’t want to dive into that feeding frenzy that will be the free-agent market this summer.  Let’s say they decide that adding Beasley and Iguodala would set ‘em up for next year (And would it?  I’m not sure, but I’m certainly intrigued).  They could try to talk Philly into this one:

So that’s basically two separate deals rolled into one.  The Suns’ payroll would drop to just under $60 million next year, so even though they wouldn’t get under the cap, they’d probably be under the tax line.  Not as spectacular financially, but they end up would one excellent complementary player and one potential star.

Now, that one’s not as good for Philly.  I mean, they do cut payroll after next year, but they’re looking for more if they trade Iguodala.  They really want to rid themselves of Dalembert.  Well, neither PHX nor the Heat really want Dalembert, so they’d have to involve another team.  This is where stuff starts to get a little ridiculous, but Hey!  that’s the point, right?  Trade No. 3 (I call this one the 4-Boner, and if you’ve ever been to Kansas City, you know what I’m talking about):

Portland needs a center, right?  Oden’s near retirement age and Dalembert’s an upgrade over Przybilla.  Sure, I can talk myself into that.  But that isn’t too much better for the Sixers as they only gain $4 million this year with Blake’s EC.  So really, the only answer is that Trade No. 1 needs to happen.  Or that I need to get better at the Trade Machine.

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