Chad Ford: Ich Don't Think So!

ESPN guy and Hawaiian fetishist Chad Ford has a column up about five trades that “make sense.”  Naturally, one of them includes the Suns.  I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for the Suns.  Here’s what it looks like:

Ford says that the Suns would get their STAT replacement in Beasley, but we’ve already been over that.  Then he says:

The Suns would also get Augustin, a young point guard they could groom to take over for Nash eventually. Jones should be able to step right back into the system he left in 2007, and if he doesn’t work out, his 2010-11 contract is only partially guaranteed. Wright has upside, and his contract is expiring, giving the Suns options with him, as well.

Augustin: No.  They already have a young point guard (who, by the way, is better) they’re grooming to take over for Nash.  His name is Goran Dragic.  Check him out sometime.

Jones: Hm.  According to the Trade Machine, there are FOUR years left on his deal.  There seems to be some confusion there…but at the same time, it seems that Jones has been more than adequately replaced already.  I’m not sure what function he would serve other than taking away minutes from Dudley or Hill or all the guys they swing through those 2-3 positions…who also have more than one trick in their bag (unlike Jones, who shoots 3s.  That’s it).  No.

Wright: Yeah, already talked about him.  Big pile of meh, small expiring contract.  Whatever.

I guess maybe I’m just confused about this trade.  I don’t really see how it makes the Suns that much better on the floor or the bottom line.  And I think that any deal has to feature a BIG upgrade in at least one of those for it to make sense for the Suns.

  • Chucko

    Hey, nice blog, just found it recently.

    I saw that today as well and it looks like total rubbish, it makes no sense at all and is worse for the Suns than a lot of other roumers involving Miami (Beasley, 2010 draft 1st rounder + other expiring pieces)
    Still, it’s likely that it’s all just blowing smoke to try and get Stat to sign a deal that’s less than a Max contract.

  • nate

    Hey, thank you. We just recently reopened under new management!

    I agree…if they can get STAT to sign for less than the max, that’d be the way to go. But if he’s gonna force their hand and say it’s max or nothing, I think they’d be wise to find the best possible deal. If they could get Beasley + a ton of cap room, I think they should do it NOW.