Now Writing for Sun-N-Gun: This Guy!

That’s right, this guy.  I’m Nate, and I’ll be your blogger today.  I’m a guy who recently moved to PHX from the Midwest (isn’t that where all Phoenicians are from?), but I’ve loved the Suns from afar for years.  And here I am, ready to blog it up about the Suns.

So why should you read Sun-N-Gun?  Well, Sun-N-Gun is recommended reading for those who like:

  • Phoenix Suns
  • The Sun
  • Phoenix
  • Things that are orange
  • Basketball
  • Eating oranges (Fight Scurvy!)
  • The word orange (and its unrhymability)
  • The NBA (sometimes)
  • Gorillas
  • Steve Nash’s hair (head and/or body)

I think that should cover just about every potential demographic out there…in case you’re in some sort of bizarro niche market that likes none of those things, please feel free to let me know so that I can address your needs.  I mean, they should be at least somewhat Suns related.  I suppose I could blog about stuff like Cowboys Who Are Into S&M or How The Simpsons Can End The Threat Of Nuclear War or The Latest Bacon-Wrapped What-Have-You, but I don’t really see how any of those would fit in on a blog called Sun-N-Gun that’s part of a network of sports blogs called FanSided…plus I’m pretty sure that all of those blogs already exist.  I wouldn’t want to steal their material.

So yeah…I’ll be hanging around here, trying to cover the Suns from every possible angle.  There’ll be plenty of, you know…news about the Suns and their players, but also plenty of funny stuff, historical nonsense, and general merry-making.  If you haven’t noticed, there are some pretty goofy dudes on this team, and I plan to take full advantage.

If you have any requests for things you’d like to see or whatever, let me know.  Comment here or email me at  You can also catch me tweetin’ it up over at  Such good times!  Let’s Go Suns!

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