Amare Trade Rumors: Detroit in the mix?

With the trade deadline less than 10 days away, the Amare Stoudemire sweepstakes continue, and The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro recently wrote that another team may have very well thrown their name into the hat. Coro reported a variation to the 76ers deal that was originally rumored to include forward Andre Iguodala and center Samuel Dalembert, with the new deal involving the Detroit Pistons coming in as a third team.

The deal would still bring Iguodala to Phoenix, but coming with him would be the Pistons’ seven-year forward out of Maryland, Chris Wilcox. Stoudemire would go to Detroit, while the 76ers would acquire Ben Gordon and cap filler.

Here is a scenario I dreamed up in the Trade Machine that works financially:

Phoenix receives: Iguodala and Wilcox ($3 million player option next season)

Detroit receives: Stoudemire

Philadelphia receives: Gordon and Kwame Brown ($4 million expiring contract)

The trade without the Pistons works financially, but I was originally skeptical, as there is almost no way that Robert Sarver and the Suns are willing to take on Dalembert’s ugly contract ($12.2 million owed next season) unless Jason Richardson is involved in the trade. The deal that made the most sense to me in the first place was STAT for Iguodala and Marreese Speights.

But Philadelphia seems reluctant to part with Speights, and may even be skeptical about acquiring Amare with his supposed interest in opting in — which would take away the immediate financial relief Philly is looking for — and the near-guarantee that he wouldn’t re-sign with the Sixers, making it almost pointless to go after the big man.

Enter the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons have been searching for a true “big man” for years now, and Amare may just be their man. They had rumored interest in Jazz forward Carlos Boozer over the summer but a deal was never reached. If the Pistons are able to shed Gordon’s contract in the trade, then they would most likely be able to show STAT the money that he is hoping for — or at least something close to it.

But does Amare really want to re-up in a city where the average house is around $7,500? The city is in shambles, and I’m sure the idea of Miami Beach among other places has Amare grimacing at the idea of Motown.

Also, this deal makes almost no sense for Philadelphia. Why would the Sixers ever want to take on Ben Gordon’s contract ($48 million over the next four years) when they are trying to cut costs and go in a new direction? Gordon and his salary don’t fit into the equation of a team attempting to rebuild.

But the trade certainly makes sense for Phoenix, as the Suns get their guy in Iguodala, along with a serviceable, athletic big man in Wilcox, who holds a $3 million player option for next season.

If the Suns are that sold on Iguodala being a cog in their future for the next four years, then it makes sense for them to pull the trigger. With Suns senior VP of basketball operations David Griffin scouting Iguodala in New Orleans last Friday, they appear to be sold.

It would be ideal for Phoenix to pry away another piece in addition to Iguodala and Wilcox, such as Speights or maybe point guard Jrue Holiday, but as The Rolling Stones would say, you can’t always get what you want.

  • D S

    dont trade Amare, that would b a dumb move, get rid of j-rich for whoeva, he is in a shooting slump of late and doesnt seem to hav his head in it. dont trade Amare, sign him up he is worth it he is workin on his D n doin better on the boards. keep Amare unload j-rich!!

  • Joshua Blackburn

    I think the suns should try and get Shaq back…lol. Seriously, everything went to crap when marion left…he was so unappreciated, it was ridiculous. The Phoenix Suns had an identity and were great to watch. I think they should get some young talent that can run and gun like they are used to…who that is…I don't know.

  • Roadster sl

    Need to get some a good defensive guard/forward and some raw rebounding power like Noah. PHX needs to beef up its defense and offensive rebounding. Fry and JRich are expendable – shop around and triangulate a deal that strenthens the team going into the playoffs. Keep on giving Clark important playing minutes, it'll pay back in playoff time.

  • sunset

    What about deal with Rockets? J Rich and LB for T-Mac. Sound good to me. With Tracy we are again contenders…

  • zach

    why is it that everyone seems to think that getting rid of jason richardson, instead of stoudemire, is going to work out any better for the suns? 1. stoudemire has the bigger contract. if you constantly pay a luxury tax and sign 10 day contracts, it makes more sense to get rid of the one that costs more. 2. if you are going to dump a player, wouldn't you get rid of the one that will cost more AND get you more in return? 3. if amare decides that he has had enough of phoenix, then he can opt out at the end of the season, and then they get nothing. i'm not saying that i'm for or against them trading stoudemire but i don't think trading j-rich insead is going to make things any better….

  • Nate

    Hey Mike-
    I completely agree that that deal would make no sense for Philly. I did get excited, though, when Coro talked about the Suns being able to get Speights. I think the Sixers should be reluctant to move him–he’s shown a lot in limited minutes. I wrote a post about it over at, where I am the new lead blogger. I hope you’ll check it out.

  • C-Loc602

    na keep STAT hes a beast when it comes to scoring, and he can work on his defense and rebounding he has many years left..IF he can stay healthy id keep him because nobody in the league can stop him unless they foul him but hes been hitting his free throws lately jus keep him it makes no sense trading him…he wants to stay in PHX anyway..

  • Dave

    We need Marcus Camby or Tyson Chandler!!! To go along with STAT. If we could get Marion back, that would be awesome as well.

  • asani

    Boy if the suns trade this man they are the biggest idiots next to Memphis giving up Pal Gasol for nothing and the raiders giving Randy Moss to the Patriots for nothing. You idiots should pay this man the money I don’t give a damn about the defense because in order for him to play good defense it would be great if nash and others stop allowing their man to get to the rim unabated. You will not compensate defense for offense. You will be better off like you are doing now playing a 7 footer who is tough along with Amare so he will want to play tougher. I have known for years that when the suns are getting Amare involved in the game all four quarters he begins to play better on the boards and plays better on defense. This man is the only player on the suns that cannot be stopped but Gentry and the coaching staff does not give him the ball enough. He should be shooting the ball 17-20 times a game. Amare wants to go to the paint and bottomline that is what you want with your big man and nobody finishes around the paint better than him. Also with the surgeries he has had tell me who came back and has played more dominant than he has? You have to respect that. The suns lose Amare I will immediately stop watching their games and find a team that treats their players right and wants to win instead of ridding themselves of the entire damn team. Stop talking about trading Amare and trade J. Rich like anybody with a brain could see that would make more sense.

  • Ted

    Keep Amar’e!! I don’t want a sinlge player form the pistons on our team… And while it would be nice to trade J-rich, we won’t because his salary is pretty big and is still not up to expire for at least a year I think. And as far as T-Mac, if there are supposed locker room issues now, Mr. Mac would probably destroy our team.

  • Jake

    Why would 76ers take Ben Gordon’s hefty contract? They would rather keep Iggy. It makes no sense at all.

    Just keep Amare for another season!!

  • tbone

    The suns are the kings of finding a way to get rid of good players, remember that guy Joe Johnson? They need to quit messing around and do what it takes to keep STAT on planet orange.

  • Ryan

    Only trade Amare for Iggy/Speights for a last-resort. Phoenix is playing so well right now and I think Amare knows that he isn’t going to get traded to a team that is as good as Phoenix is right now. I say to Sarver shut up and pay the luxury tax this year then next year unload J-Rich and save your precious money. Stay in the thick of the playoff race as well playing in the playoffs is extra money that will help the Suns pay the Luxury tax. There is no other deal out there for Phoenix unless we can somehow trade Amare for Michael Beasley/Q-Rich’s expiring deal. Amare gets to go to South Beach and the Heat become a serious contender in the East, The Suns get Amare 2.0 who would thrive in the Suns system and save a lot of money in the deal. I know Amare is much more talented than Marion but look what happened to Marion when he was basically begging to leave Phoenix, his numbers were down all across the board in Miami and Toronto. Now, he is playing for a contender in a reduced role in Dallas….Could’ve just saved in Phoenix, probably gotten a better contract and saved you the trip, Matrix. I’m not saying that it will happen to the Amare as much as it exposed Marion but EVERYONE…and I mean EVERYONE benefits from playing with Steve Nash.

  • troy

    What about a 3 way trade including washington?
    Arenas definately needs a change of scenery so why not have a trade headlined with The WIZ getting Amare and either dalambert or brand and lou williams, it completely changes the look of the franchise. The Sixers meanwhile get Arenas and about 15 million worth of expiring contracts which they will jump at and the suns of course get their man Iggy another player and maybe even a draft pick.
    All parties do this trade!!!

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  • Zac

    For the writers info the pistons don’t actually play in Detroit. They play in Auburn Hills in Oakland county. Which is actually the fourth wealthiest county in America. So i don’t think the housing market of Detroit should impact A mare’s decision too much.

  • Aaron

    Why would you trade Stoudemire, he’s a dominant force that they need to keep around. He’s a big contributing factor to the wins column. If they trade him they’re pretty stupid, but it wouldn’t surprise me, they trade all their good players.

  • Jared

    See if you guys like this one. Three team deal with Philly, Miami and Phoenix.

    Philly Gets:
    J. O’neal
    Miami 1st Round Pick

    Miami Gets:

    Phoenix Gets:

    Philly gets major cap relief (about $15 mil), a young piece in Barbosa and a second 1st round pick. Miami gets the new front court they have been looking for. Phoenix get two young studs.

    Further, if Phoenix were to take on Kapono’s contract either the Suns or the Heat could include further incentive to Philly with young talent like the Heats Cook or Wright or the Suns Dudley.

    I think Philly would be the only team to balk at these scenarios. However, due to the framework of the basic deal listed above Philly would have a variety of options to taylor the trade to fit their demands.

    Here is the Trade Machine link:

  • Chucko

    Amare loves his hip hop, he even has his own record label, and for some reason he’s going to have a problem with going to the hip-hop capital – Detroit?