Amare Trade Rumors: Suns really want Iguodala

Suns fans spend a lot of time considering many potential Amare Stoudmire trade rumors that may or may not be just conjecture, but clearly the one involving Philadelphia and Andre Iguodala has some legs.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Suns VP of basketball operations David Griffin took in Friday’s Philly-New Orleans game in person, and I don’t think this trip had anything to do with Bourbon Street.

Furthermore, quoted an NBA source saying, “Phoenix desperately wants Andre. They are pushing this. That I know for a fact.” Stein corroborates that by writing that the Suns appear “to be the team driving these discussions.”

It’s hard to say what exactly is posturing and what is truth, but there’s one undeniable positive out of all this talk: The Suns aren’t planning on giving Amare away for nothing. It will require serious talent for the Suns to part with STAT.

Could the Suns be floating information about this apparently intense interest in Iggy to aid their negotiations with Amare? Possibly, but I don’t really think so. The Suns and Amare have had enough time to talk that both sides know where the other side stands. Barring a major drop in price on the open market, the Suns know how much it will cost to keep Stoudemire and they have likely internally made a decision on whether they want to do that or not.

In an ideal world Amare signs an extension in the neighborhood of $15 million a year on average, but I don’t think that will happen. If that’s the case, the Suns need to deal him because they won’t have the cap space to replace him with a comparable player.

Although it would be nice to see what this Suns team could do given a full season, this team is not a championship contender, so if the Suns can find a deal that makes them arguably better in the present and certifiably better in an Amare-less future, they have to do it.

This is just my gut, but I think the Suns have decided they don’t want to build around Amare and give him a huge payday, and there are many reasons why they may have decided that, from his injury concerns to defensive/rebounding issues, and frankly you’ve got to trust them on this.

We may never know their full thinking, but so long as this has to do with legitimate concerns about his salary and future effectiveness and not just being cheap, I’m with them on this.

At that point, if this is indeed their thinking, the Suns have to go out and get the best deal possible, and I don’t see a possible deal that can come close to this one in terms of making Phoenix competitive this year and into the future.

There are a few potential iterations of an Amare for Iguodala/Dalembert basic framework. I have already discussed the salary ramifications of such a deal involving Barbosa.

The Suns could throw in Jason Richardson instead of LB if the Sixers add either Jason Kapono or Willie Green.

The Kapono deal would cost the Suns about $1.5 million this year with luxury tax considerations and would be about a wash next year if Amare opts in. After that, all involved contracts would expire except for Iguodala.

That same deal involving Green instead of Kapono would save the Suns about $3.6 million this year with luxury tax considerations and $2.5 million next year not counting potential luxury tax considerations.

However, if the Sixers want to cut salary, I doubt they would want to take on J-Rich, especially with the Green offer. I think if the Suns want to do this it will have to involve the Bar’bo’sa.

And if the Suns have decided Amare is not part of their future, they need to make this deal happen.

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  • Jacob

    Michael, please explain to me why you think this is a good deal? The Suns would have no interior scoring threat if this takes place, and you can't rely on shooters to win in the playoffs all the time. The Nash and Amare pick and roll is lethal, and taking that away is taking our best offensive weapon out of our game. This deal doesn't make us better, it makes us worse- a lot worse. Iguodala's a great talent, and he could be fantastic playing alongside Steve Nash, but all this does is weaken our front court and give us ballhandler/playmaker to start with Steve Nash (this can't work because Nash and Iguodala both thrive when they have the ball. They're aren't two balls). Plus with they way the Suns are winning games and how Robin Lopez has produced, how does Dalembert fit into this situation? Does he come off the bench with Frye or does Robin come off the bench? You can't demote a player (Robin) after playing well as a starter and contributing to our wins. This deal makes absolutely no sense financially and basketball wise, and I would be extremely disappointed if management made this trade. Trading for another big is the smartest thing to do (whether it's Tyrus Thomas or Michael Beasley) because it fills our needs after Amare leaves. Michael, I just have to say I'm shocked with your opinion and if this trade really does happen, expect to see the Suns slipping fast this year. The best thing to do is wait and see if Amare wants to sign the extension that management offers him. If he doesn't, then I would consider trading him for another bigman. However, sometimes the deals best made are the ones not made at all. Do me a favor Michael, if this trade happens, and the Suns fall drastically, write an article about how some kid from Scottsdale, Arizona was right all along, and that you failed to see the truth because you were sucked in the moment a possible deal for a young stud. That's the difference between a knowledgeable basketball fan and a fan who's only interested in making trades and changing up team chemistry. Do me a favor, and realize the truth with what is happening.

  • Michael Schwartz

    @Jacob Tell me how you really feel, haha. Look, in a perfect world Amare signs a reasonable extension with the Suns, but there are many reasons for concern with that scenario, too. Do you want to tie all that money up in a player with such a history of injuries at a young age? Do you think Amare can be the No. 1 guy on a championship team? Because that's what you'd be paying him. I understand this trade isn't an ideal situation, but if they trade him I think it's the best deal out there. Jefferson and Beasley aren't happening, and Ty Thomas or any of the young Nets are not centerpieces of Amare trades. I will reiterate again that re-signing him is the best-case scenario, but so long as that's not the case they need to get value, and that's what this trade delivers. I understand Iggy is not a perfect complement to Nash and Dalembert duplicates Lopez, but starting over with AI9 in a couple years sounds a lot better than losing Amare for nothing.

  • Jacob

    But Michael, like you said in one of your earlier articles, Amare has expressed interest in resigning with the Suns. I think you and I both agree that the STATman is not worth a max deal. Hell, only a few players are. But you have to agree that trading him away and changing things up in the present is not the answer. With the way the team is playing recently, and how much the team chemistry has flourished, trading away our second best player is just downright foolish. Look, I agree with you 100% that letting Amare walk away for nothing is the worst case scenerio. But, trading for Iguodala and Dalembert can only be slightly better. I don't want the players to get upset over a trade right now- things are going too well and the team seems to be getting along. Right now, the best thing to do would be to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe Amare will realize that he's not the best player in the world and will be willing to sign an extension for less money. If not, then a deadline deal would be the best idea. However, the Suns are PUBLICLY shopping Amare, and Steve Kerr keeps repeating himself in these radio broadcasts that he would love to keep Amare. How do you think Amare feels about all this talk? This can't be good for his moral. Look what happened with Marion after he felt this way- the Suns began a downward spiral that I just refuse to witness again. An Amare trade HAS to be a last resort at this point in the season. Steve Kerr has been way too trade happy lately and it's not good for this organization. Am I right?

  • J26

    Why can't PHX just trade j rich & for iggy? that would make sense, i guess…..

  • Jacob

    I don't think the 76'ers would even entertain the idea of trading one of the best wing players in the league for an underperforming, unreliable, expensive player. Sorry J26, but a deal like that could only happen on NBA2K10– unfortunately.

  • Jacob

    I can agree with that. Getting some value in return is better than no value at all. But like you said, shopping him publicly doesn't help anyone in this situation. It just gets Amare mad, which is the exact opposite of what the Suns should be trying to do right now. I just think that the Suns should be trying to make this marriage work. It's not everyday a top notch powerforward come walking along. Amare loves the city, loves the fans, and loves his teammates. Something tells me that a late offer for a contract extension of around 45 million for three years would do the trick. Keeping a core intact is what makes teams better- it allows the players to trust management and work together as a team. The Spurs won three championships these past few years because they were great at keeping a team intact. When something went wrong, they never panicked by giving up core players, they created stability. They created trust with their players. That's something I don't think the Suns have done recently. They need to get back to that by only making minor changes. On a side note, I love talking about this stuff because it just seems to get my blood flowing a bit more. Michael, I have to believe that you would also agree with me about that?

  • Michael Schwartz

    I absolutely agree with you about that last point! Yeah, it's funny how the Suns always talk about "keeping their core" together but never do it. Remember "the core" of Marbury-Marion-Stoudemire that was supposed to be untouchable? Good thing that wasn't, but I know what you mean, they rip apart the core every year or two, with the only constants (up to this point) being Nash, Amare and LB. Like Schmitz will be writing in a post tomorrow, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. That being said, I'm not sure if an offer in the neighborhood of 3-45 gets it done with Amare. If it does, I completely agree with you. If he's going to demand max or else, another disruptive trade blowing up the core may unfortunately be necessary.

  • Jacob

    Agreed. Anyway, I have school tomorrow and need to catch some shut-eye. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a huge Suns fan and I read pretty much every article you guys put together. I know this may sound sudden and needy, but if you guys need extra help with anything (whether it's helping out with articles or something else), I'd be glad to put forth my assistance.

  • jdub

    you can not split up this chemistry. we know what these suns are capable of when they are all on the same page and playing with heart.

  • Robert

    I understand the value thing, but Iggy and Kicked-off-the-Canadian-team-bert seems to not make us a championship team anyway; even a little worse really. Look at Portland and OKC, and for a much longer process I probably shouldn't mention, ATL and MEM. We need to get cap relief and draft picks back in a trade, or no trade in my eyes is worth it (unless a tier 1 guy is available, which Iguodala is not).

  • Michael Schwartz

    Believe it or not, I think we’re more or less on the same page, Jacob. Keeping Amare would probably be best for this season if nothing else from a chemistry standpoint, although I would be intrigued to see a more defensive-oriented Suns team with Iggy and Dalembert. But with the way this team is starting to gel, a deal of any sorts would kind of be too bad, and I totally hear you on the downsides of this deal (although in my mind money isn’t one of them as I wrote in the first piece). I really vacillate on this issue every day. I just have to think if the Suns know they don’t plan on keeping him long term, they have to get value while a halfway decent deal is on the table. I do agree with your point of making this so public. It’s almost like the Suns want the world to know they’re shopping Amare. What good does that do? In sum, my gut tells me the Suns have decided an Amare extension won’t happen, in which case they have to go with Plan B. And as long as we’re talking Plan B, I like this deal more than some of the other rumors out there. At least you’re getting some quality in return, which is more than I’ve expected from an Amare deal in the past.

  • Jacob

    About the future. Once Nash retires, is Andre Iguodala really a player to build around? I see him as a solid piece on a solid team, but I don’t see him as the centerpiece. Not to say that Amare is either though. I don’t know, it’s hard to argue over these things because we don’t see what happens behind the scenes. If a deal is necessary, I would try to maybe get a third team involved so we won’t have to take in Dalembert. Maybe this would work? —- This is the same deal for the 76ers, but I don’t know if the Pacers would want to take on Dalembert’s contract with Roy Hibbert showing some upside. I think they would be thrilled with Barbosa though. I hate messing around with the trade machine, because I know the trades I make won’t happen, but with these three teams wanting to make moves, you’d have to think that something like this would be possible.

  • Michael Schwartz

    I agree on that too about Iggy being a solid piece but not a guy to build around, although he maybe could be a No. 2 guy. The thing is, the Suns would have gobs of cap space in 2011 after J-Rich expires (assuming LB is in this trade), so they could go out and get somebody then after everybody spends their money this summer. With at least one more year of Nash and Iggy and a solid young core not to mention cap space and the fact that this is Phoenix, who knows what kind of FA they could get? What I like most about this trade is how it sets the Suns up for the future, assuming they get a star in 2011. I know, I know, awfully speculative, but it certainly isn’t the worst resolution of the Amare situation IMO.

  • Robert

    Hey Leandro, is Z. Man you screen name?

    When Blur went out a week ago, it's about when we started out 5 game winning streak (and a bunch of free tacos for me). I like LB too, but let's keep it real here.

    Not that those always correlate. When Lopez came back against Toronto earlier this year, a little after that is when we started our sorry December. I was thinking how great it would have been if Robin never came back and we just used Collins. . .

  • The Z. Man

    That Jacob is a true Suns fan and I agree that no trade, except J-Rich who has never fit with the rest of the guys, is worth messing with the good current chemistry on this team.

    Trading the Brazilian Blur? Much worse of an idea than trading STAT. Suns beat the Mavs with no STAT in the 4th. Once, they won without him for a full season and went to the finals in the West.

    As good as the Suns are right now, they are at their best (like the first two games when LB started because J-Rich was suspended) when a healthy LB plays along side Nash. Kerr needs to sit out the dance this year. This Suns team very well could be the team to beat come playoff time. Then, they will have developed the young guys even more. This assumes Nash does not get hurt; What will put us over the top is a healthy Brazilian Blur, without the cyst.

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • manimal fan suns

    asani i totally agree. if the suns trade the best big man in the nba my disappointment would kill me. These idiots up top dont realize that offensively he can't be stopped? It never makes sense to trade ur best player especially a big man in the west.If we lose manimal the suns lose my fanship. plus the team is damn good. I believe we can do something in the playoffs given the chance. Dont trade manimal just pay the man.

  • Michael Nardi

    i still think this would be a good trade… but give richardson instead of LB… LB can be explosive when he gets healthy… richardson is always inconsistent. that makes him consistent in being inconsistent… now get rid of HIM not LB. and those of you saying iguodala and nash wouldnt work… have you guys seen the damage the sixers did when iverson was over there the first time? iverson set up iguodala NICELY. imagine what nash can do. and we do need a big man in dalembert who can actually block shots and rebound. but yes, we won't have an offensive inside presence. but we will have mid-range to 3 point shooting… and slashers in iguodala hill and LB when he comes back. i think that trade would easily benefit the suns. then we can match up better against elite teams with inside presence, such as the struggling Lakers.

  • Michael Nardi

    they aren't consistent at all though… when they are having a good shooting night and playing decent defense, they are terrific. but they can't do that every night. when the lakers are healthy they can… i am not a lakers fan, i hate them. and i live in LA. i just think that acquiring iggy and dalembert would give the suns consistency and better defense. they would still have offensive weapons.

  • asani

    I don’t care what anybody says Amare is the best big man in the game and you guys point the finger about his rebounding and defense but you can point the finger damn near at every sun for that matter. Amare is a top notch scorer. He shoots a high percentage and he doesn’t shoot the ball alot and always is over twenty points. If he shot the ball as much as Kobe Amare would be averaging 37 points. He is the one sun who no matter who they are playing cannot be guarded. No way in hell does Amare need to be traded for the likes of A.I and Dalembert. It is a joke. A.I is not a star in this league and he isn’t consistent at all so why do the suns go for that? They make this trade that will be the end of me as a suns fan

  • manimal fan suns

    hey michael you wrong about the suns not being contenders. I realize everyone is on this ridiculuos lakers bandwagon, but to say the suns dont have a real shot at hte title is just hate. They are a solid team and anything can happen in the playoffs.

  • Paul

    Ridiculous, how awesome would it be if Andre was here, Keep AMARE and trade JRICH for Andre and so starting lineup Nash,Amare,Andre,Hill,Robin Lopez or Channing Frye, that would be a great lineup

  • PJ

    but that trade isn’t feasible in any sense of the word.

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  • Bodhi

    You don't think it's a cost cutting move? Virtually every decision Sarver has made since taking over ownership has been about cutting costs – dismantling the team that a couple of years ago was contending for championships and trading away talent for essentially throw away contracts and cash. This guy is a cancer to the Suns organization – what he doesn't seem to realize is that fan support isn't a given. Ticket sales and merchandising are going to decline when people start to realize that this organization under Sarver has no interest in investing in a winning team.

  • Diamond Zaferis

    Bottom line we do not trade our best for the unsure par in the middle of a 500 and above season .Amare is not on the injury list and he got his eye poked. That can happen to any player. Hes not injury prone and the eye is not a recurring insodent and hes knee has no effect on his game. We have to wait the season out. We started 13 /0 and we slipped but close games. We are doing change ups and the team is finding its Chemistry with the bench while Barbosa is out. We need Barbosa back as well when he has healed. Amare needs to get used to wearing goggles because that had changed his inside game of loosing the ball. That will change and other than that hes a stud. With Lopez in action and just getting there we need to see if he can finish with the same game in “” this season”” without any trade. If the teams want Amare now they can get him for next season. I will completely flip out and never turn on a suns game again if they do another trade like the screwed up Marion trade. We were contenders with Marion and the boys “As a example we lost to Spurs twice because of the coaching calls…as well as the second time we lost to the spurs calls like not failing Duncan before he shot the 3 because we are the best three throw shooters and our coach Antone just could not make the right decision. Bottom line we will make the playoffs right now..4th 5th 6 th 7th or 8th and we will make at least the first round or 2. But to do a trade now you got to be kidding me.
    Diamond Zaferis.