Nash joins Amare atop All-Star leaderboard

You wouldn’t know it by the way they’ve been playing lately — slumping to a 4-8 December after a 14-3 start to the season — but for whatever reasons the fans have put two Phoenix Suns in line to start the All-Star game in the latest round of All-Star voting announced on Thursday

In this update, Steve Nash moved ahead of the China-backed Tracy McGrady by about 5,000 votes in the race to join Kobe Bryant in the West backcourt, and Amare Stoudemire lengthened his lead over Los Angeles’ Andrew Bynum at the “center” spot by over 350,000 votes.

If these results hold, the Suns would be the only NBA team with multiple starting All-Stars. They’re currently the No. 4 seed in the West, but slipping.

Both of the Suns’ stars played All-Star-caliber games in Wednesday’s loss to the Thunder, at least on the offensive side of things. Amare went for a season-high 35 points to go with 14 boards and Nash put up a cool 24-12 performance.

To back his 350K lead in the votes, Amare’s team released video 2 of 4 of the Vote4Amare campaign with David Spade earlier in the week (see below).

With the way Amare has been seemingly taking Spade’s advice from Video No. 1 in trying to take charges in the lane against guards, don’t be surprised if Stoudemire shows up to US Airways Center sporting funky shades in the near future.

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