J-Rich is suspended for one more game, so ...

That will give him extra time to focus on picking his fantasy football team. Or teams I should say.

J-Rich is picking seven fantasy football teams at FantasyWorld.com, and if you beat ALL of them during the play period encompassing Weeks 8-17, you will win an authentic autographed No. 23 Suns jersey.

According to Jerry Yu at FantasyWorld, J-Rich did not do so hot during a Week 2 contest, but still you must beat all seven teams. I would be embarrassed if I’m J-Rich and can’t even beat one team picked by an Average Joe with any of seven teams.

Anyway, the grand prize involves flying out to Phoenix with a guest and two nights worth of accommodations to see the Suns play, so pretty solid prize if you win this thing. And if J-Rich is as bad at fantasy football as his favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions, you might actually have a shot at a signed jersey.

  • Donnie

    Sweet prize!! How do I sign up?!

  • Sam

    hey donnie, i’ve been playing from the week 2 game. it’s awesome. just go to fantasyworld.com, sign up and then from your team page, set the correct prize league. I’m so excited to get my jersey… it’s in the bag :). Join my suns fight club called rising suns.

  • http://elearningtech.blogspot.com Tony

    This sounds like a great prize. I’m going to go play. I’ll look for Sam’s fight club.

  • Mark

    SWEET! who’s the best qb to start this week, brees or manning..