Game Thread: Suns (0-0) at Clippers (0-1)

Suns 109, Clippers 107





Man, it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these things, and have I ever missed it. I’m sure everybody reading this blog is overjoyed that the NBA is back, as am I of course.

If it feels like it’s been forever since the Suns last played a game that counted, that’s because it has been, 195 days to be exact since Phoenix’s 2008-09 season finale against Golden State. For you wise guys, you could say it’s been 205 days since the Phoenix Suns played a game that counted, with that day being April 5 in Dallas.

But no reason to look back at that massacre, there’s only reason to look ahead to do a day like today when the Suns are undefeated and hope is in no short supply for a team like the Suns.

Aside from the strange symbolism that Amare Stoudemire will return to the scene of the crime of his season-ending eye injury, where he will play his personal third straight regular season game against the Clippers, you would usually say, “What an easy way to start off the season,” especially against a team that played Tuesday night on the road (OK, on the road in their own building, but still).

However, although the Clips rolled over and played dead for the Suns four times last season, I don’t think Los Angeles will be anywhere close to winning the Draft Lottery this year. I really believe that this team will be the Suns’ biggest competition for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference if the Suns don’t finish safely ahead of that spot.

Look at that starting lineup: Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Al Thornton, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman with a loaded bench led by Marcus Camby. If they stay healthy that team is damn scary.

Then again, this is the Clippers we’re talking about, so bad things will inevitably happen. And of course they already have with Taylor’s Little Brother suffering a broken kneecap at the tail end of the preseason that will keep him on the shelf for about six weeks.

Those kinds of things happen when you’re the Clippers, and that’s why I’m ultimately not too scared about the Clips bettering the Suns. But I will say this, the talent is there, and they really should surpass expectations so long as Baron doesn’t get fat again and they don’t get decimated by injuries again.

I’ve kind of been expecting the Suns to lose this game, sans the suspended Jason Richardson, for the past few months that I’ve been staring at this schedule, but with Los Angeles missing Griffin, I think the Suns will start off 2009-10 the right way.

  • Justin

    I was actually at the last game against the Clips (the one where Amare got hurt – and proceeded to score 41!) and I am going back tonight. I didn't realize the fact that it was Amare's first game back since then. . . Hope I'm not bad karma haha

    I think we'll take care of business tonight. It will be close early, but we'll have one of those third quarters we do and break it open then! GO SUNS

  • Matt Fuerst

    Really looking forward to this, got the NBA League Pass out here in Michigan to watch Suns basketball! Sadly, work calls mighty early so I'll have to DVR this one.

    I'm hesitant to predict a win without a Center and any rebounding, but I'd love to see one.

  • NJ

    Saw the game. SUNS PWN! Close, great game. BARBOSA=CLUTCH! It was so hilarious how rapid the Clippers fans were. They were yelling at me so hard… anyways great way 2 start the season Suns!

  • Justin

    Just got back from the game! What an exciting finish! I thought we played terrible and to be able to flip that switch (thanks to the MVP) late in the 4th was very fortunate. Kaman and Camby owned us and I feel like any team with two decent big men are gonna own Amare/Frye on the block. Especially if STAT sleepwalks through games like he did tonight.

    But a win is a win, and man did my nails pay on that one! The crowd was dead when Nash hit that layup and my fist raised high in the air!

    GO SUNS!