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There’s a bunch of good Suns stuff on the Internet today:

Amare Summer Forecast — Only 10 of 52 ESPN writers polled on Amare’s future think he will be a Sun past this season, which is less than 20 percent for those of you scoring at home.

The most likely landing spot in this poll is New York (13 votes). After Phoenix there is Golden State (5), Miami (4) and half the league splitting the rest of the vote. Literally 15 teams were named as potential landing spots for Amare, and doesn’t that say something about all the mixed signals Amare is sending.

By contrast, LeBron got 38 votes for staying in Cleveland with only five teams named overall and D-Wade got 35 votes for staying in South Beach with only five teams named overall and three with more than two votes.

The most similar comparison to Amare was Chris Bosh. New York won this poll with 19 votes, although Toronto only tied for fourth with three votes. The ESPN writers have Bosh potentially going to 12 different teams, including one vote for your Phoenix Suns.

The good news for Suns fans is if Bosh does indeed head to the Big Apple, that would put the Suns in a pretty good spot with Amare, according to this survey.

That couldn't be Steve Nash, could it?

That couldn't be Steve Nash, could it? (via Twitpic)

Is that really Steve Nash? — Imagine being a Chinese basketball fan, going down to your local park to play some ball and finding a disguised Steve Nash.

Let’s just say that doesn’t exactly happen every day, but with Nash it happens more than with most athletes as can be seen from his random pickup soccer games in New York.

“I had on a Chinese opera bandana and I had on some protective goggles,” Nash said, according to Agence France-Presse. “As soon as I walked on they recognized me. It didn’t really work.”

Said @Baron_Davis to @the_real_nash about the picture to the right: “I am everywhere Nashty, Chinese Boom in the clips jersey!!! nihao!”

Suns announce TV schedule — All 82 Suns games will be televised in HD this season for the third straight season. There will be 41 My45 telecasts (36 on the road) and 34 FSAZ telecasts; the rest will be national games, and of course some national games will be televised locally as well.

Bright Side pasted in the full TV schedule.

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