Last chance, international Suns fans

Posted by on August 28th, 12:38 am

I’ve gotten an overwhelming number of responses thus far from international Suns fans who read this blog, but there’s still time to get in your entry!

Because of the large number of replies, this will be a two-part series that will run on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week unless some incredibly pressing Suns news breaks then, and no that does not count Amare tweeting about his future again.

Responses will be taken up until Monday night Arizona time.

Please answer the following questions: How did you become a fan? How do you follow them? Are the Suns popular in your country?

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  • 1 GregJ // Aug 28, 2009 at 8:40 am

    It's simply all been about STEVE NASH. At first because he is, like myself, a Canuck. But soon after it was because he revolutionized the game playing in the Dantoni philosophy.

    His patience and ability to allow the flow of the offence develop without forcing anything and then picking a spot, reminded me of another Canadian, Wayne Gretzky. A certain calm. A certain focused – albeit layed back approach.

    That is only an odd statement for us athletic mortals. It makes sense in the context of playing greatness and their remarkable ability to slow things down.

    When the word 'dialectical', as I use it for reference here is opened in Webster's by revolutionaries in sport to not mean, as we would read it, polar opposites , but rather how guys like NASH and GRETZKY understand it… symentary and fusion and vision , well…you have a type of magic that attracts romantics who see in those brief glimpes that there is another way.

    They are saving the planet !

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