Welcome to Sun-N-Gun!

Hello Suns fans (and quiet lurkers),

Welcome to your Fansided Phoenix Suns blog, the place where we answer all of your burnin’-like-an-egg-on-the-desert-pavement Phoenix Suns questions. Such as:

“Can Steve Nash and his wonky knees lead our squad into the playoffs?”

“What will happen to our unhappy frontcourt stud, Amare?”

“Is it good riddance to the Big Aristotle and his pregame performances?”

And the question that’s on the mind of all Phoenix Suns’ fans worldwide…

“Are Steve and Baron really brothers…like the way black people say it, which means more?”

All your questions answered and more, as you join your color co-commentators, Jason and Julia, as we run and gun into the odyssey of the Phoenix Suns, 2009-10.

Lock and load!

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