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This Might Be My Farewell Tour here in PHX.Fans I love the way you guys stand up for me. I love all my faithful fans.Thanks 1 love Sun Tzu!

These words were, of course, tweeted by the one and only @Amareisreal, and if you really wanted to hyper-analyze them, here’s what they mean.

The first part would lead one to believe there’s a decent chance Amare is gone after this season (which we all know), but the second part makes you think he just might stay (which we also all know). The last part means he likes to repeat the nickname he gave himself a lot (which anyone who follows his Twitter feed definitely knows). Putting all that together, it means absolutely nothing.

The day before, after speaking to about 300 kids at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Amare told The Arizona Republic, “This might be my farewell tour, huh? If so, I’m going out with a bang, baby.”

He later went on to say, “If we’re not making the playoffs, my legacy is going backwards. I’m not having it.”

This led Fanster’s Greg Esposito to rip him for the repeated use of the ‘I’ word and subsequently Phoenix Stan from Bright Side to defend him for not always meaning what he says.

My take on all this talk about what Amare said is that we shouldn’t be talking so much about what Amare said. He’s proven time and time again that he will say whatever he’s thinking at the time. Remember those, “Breaking news, Amare Stoudemire is going to the Lakers” tweets earlier this summer?

The truth is, unless Robert Sarver and Steve Kerr have come to some sort of a decision that nobody knows about, we have no idea if the Suns want to muster up a max contract for Amare, and that’s what I think it ultimately will come down to.

If they do, he’s a Sun for life, a possibility he’s seemed to embrace.

If they don’t, he will at least test the market and likely end up leaving, a possibility he’s also been eminently open to.

This really may or may not be Amare’s farewell tour in Phoenix, and to me it’s almost like you know you might be ending things with your girlfriend of seven years soon or you might be taking that next step to consummate your relationship for the long run. While you’re trying to decide if she’s the right “franchise girl” for you, she’s off flirting with every guy in the country.

Damn frustrating, isn’t it?

Every time the Suns hit the road to play a team with 2010 cap space, that team’s reporters will ask him about city such and such, and every time we’re sure to hear Amare talk about how much he would potentially enjoy playing for so and so franchise.

If we’ve learned anything from Amare’s Sun Tzu rampage and StatTV Twitter follow urgings, it’s that the man loves to promote himself (as if we didn’t already know that, too).

So take out those earplugs and don’t make too much of a fuss over anything Amare says regarding 2010 until the Suns make that first offer. (Please tell me they make a first offer!)

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