Some fun links from Planet Orange

Not much news of substance today, but lots of news without substance, starting with the artist known as J-Rich:

J-Rich the DJ — You may have seen @JaredDudley619 joking around with @JRich23 on Twitter this summer about having the aforementioned J-Rich DJ Dudley’s next party. Now we know why.

What do you guys think, does DJ Factor have game?

The masked man — We know Amare will have to wear a mask this year. Which illustration do you like best?

We love Suns dancers — The Suns have always had one of the best dance crews in the NBA. On Tuesday, the club picked the 16 women who will be performing at US Airways Center this season.

Talkin’ Robin — Robin Lopez talks about what he’s been working on this summer as well as what the Shaq trade means for him.

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