Calling all international Suns fans

Do you root for the Suns but live in another country? I want to hear from you!

Next week will be posting an article on what it is like to cheer on the Suns when you don’t even live in this country.

How did you become a fan? How do you follow them? Are the Suns popular in your country?

Fill out our contact form, hit me up on the new ValleyoftheSuns Facebook page, @reply me on Twitter, or send me an e-mail at mschwartz [at] to be included in this piece.

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  • Artur Baguete Mascar

    Hey Michael, I will be more than happy to be a part of this!

    I am at my parents house for the day, but when I get back home, I send you an email!


  • Brad

    I live near Cincinnati and I'm a fan. GO SUNS !

  • Kevin

    Hi I'm Kevin and I live on an island in the U.S Virgin Islands and I'm a proud Suns Fan

  • David

    Hey Kevin,

    I've been a Suns fan since about 1993 when I was 7 years old. Everyone I knew wanted to get their hands on a Chicago #23 or a Hornets #2 jersey but all this little Aussie wanted was to rock a Sir Charles Jersey or to replicate KJ posterizing The Dream or to sit on the 3 and drain treys like Thunder Dan…

    Truth is Phoenix is everything Basketball should be, they are fun, fast and flashy… They are the team everyone wants to win but no one wants to support…

    The heartbreak of coming so close the the chip so many times is hard as a fan, but not as hard as following the NBA in a country thousands or miles away. The only NBA we get here is on Cable or online… No wonder we get excited for guys like Andrew Bogut and Patrick Mills because it's wakes up the slow australian media to one of the worlds most participated in sports.

    I spend a lot of time online, discussing NBA with like minded Australians and blogs like VOTS and BSOTS are my best gateway to Suns news.

    And now at 23 years old, I'm just as passionate as the 8 year old kid who played ball in his driveway calling out names like KJ, Barkley and Green… Except nowadays I play comp ball and I call out names like Nash, Dudley and Barbosa, in my head of course…

    SUNS Basketball for Life

  • Michael Schwartz


    That is crazy. Although I have lived in Arizona my whole life, the 1993 Suns also got me into sports back when I was 7 years old, which I wrote about in my first post ever. I don't remember anything about following sports before Game 5 of that Lakers series in the first round. Phoenix practically shut down that day around game time. I didn't even really care until overtime, and after the Suns pulled that thing out I was hooked. By the time John Paxson hit that infamous shot not to be spoken of in these parts, I felt like I was enough of a fan for my first of many sports letdowns to really hurt.

  • David

    Hahaha, i just realised I accidently wrote Kevin instead of Michael after I read the post above mine… Sorry!

  • David

    We literally never got to see any games in Australia, so in 93′ I was transfixed to the nightly news for a minute highlights package of the NBA.

    I wish I had of been around to see more Tom Chambers live as well… Youtube highlights don’t seem to do the man justice…

    Interestingly when I was 9 years old my parents bought me a Barkley jersey that was so big that it still fits me to this day… But do you think that stopped me wearing it at 9 years old, not a chance! I would rock that thing like it was a Gold freaking medal! In reality I was just this puny kid walking around in a giant purple dress with my Converse Reacts poking out the bottom…

    I hope the guys can sort out some defensive issues this year because I’ve loved what I’ve seen from Amundson and Dudley, hustle is something we’ve been lacking for a while now… And I’m loving the Earl Clark pick, finally we did something right in the draft!

  • Bastian

    I've been a PROUD Suns fan since I was about 12 years old – and I live in Denmark! (Yup, you got that right)

    Living in a country where curling is a bigger sport than bball, I didn't even get to see a NBA ball game 'till I was 12 years old, when I was in Thailand. That's where I saw the Suns whooping the Heat, and I've been hooked on them ever since!

    One of the smaller TV-channels in Denmark has finaly started to show NBA games, but only once a week, so I'm a big fan of NBA League Pass Broadband.

    Thanks to the different time zones (there's a six hour difference between the US and DK) I have to sit up in the middle of the night to catch the Suns games live (the Suns are kind of the reason where I'm sleeping through my education) – but it's worth it!

    I can't wait 'till the season starts, to see STAT back in action and to see how Earl Clark and C-Frye will be doing (big up Clark, I got big expectations for you).

    GO SUNS! – all the way from Denmark

  • Muhammad adam

    Hey ,I’m adam,16 years old,I live in asia,In indonesia to be precise . i ‘ve been phoenix suns fans since 2006.Well i’m started to play basketball when i was fifth grade,And i started to watch nba in 2006,In indonesia there are no tv channel that show nba(Since michael jordan retirement,Basketball become less popular in indonesia),So i’m so happy when my family have satellite tv.And Then i watch suns in ESPN,and i falling in love with it,That’s my story


  • Ebz

    Suns has always been my favorite since I was kid.

    I can sense that Suns will do something next season.

    Only one thing that is missing from Suns, the rings.

    The rings are ours next season!

    GO SUNS!

  • ashley rossouw

    hey there i live in new zealand and have been a suns fan since i was 15 in 1994. managed to get to a couple of games when i was visiting phoenix in 2006. has been a great few years watching nash and the run and gun suns awesome to watch!!