Are they really my second favorite team?

Last week, the powers at TrueHoop asked every member of the TrueHoop Network to write a brief blurb about our second favorite NBA team. Our editors got an enormous response, the highlights of which are featured in a TrueHoop post.

If you would have asked me a few years ago, the team I picked might have only been just above the Spurs and Lakers on my list of favorite NBA teams, but times have changed. A close second and third were Portland (I just love B-Roy, Rudy and, of course, Jerryd Bayless) and Oklahoma City (that Durant guy is kind of good and I’m a big fan of how they built that team).

Here goes:

I grew up hating all things New York sports and thus I never thought I’d ever type the following sentence: the New York Knicks are my second favorite professional basketball team.

Then again, I never thought a lot of things.

I never thought the Suns would go from everyone’s second favorite team to afterthoughts in about two years, I never thought Phoenix would ever trade for Shaquille O’Neal and I certainly never thought Mike D’Antoni would ever jet to New York to turn a franchise once known for bone-crushing defense into an offensive powerhouse.

But he did, and since we never got a definitive answer on whether an NBA team can win a championship in Seven Seconds or Less in Phoenix, I would love to see it happen in New York.

Granted the Knicks are still a mess and I’d ditch them immediately if they become the New York LeBrons, but if New York makes the run that Phoenix never did I’ll be cheering Mike D along every step of the way.

Looking back at offseason predictions

Anybody who has ever played in a fantasy league with me or taken my money in an NCAA Tournament pool knows how often I’m wrong when it comes to sports.

Maybe it says something about how unsurprising the Suns’ offseason was that I predicted most of it to happen at the beginning of the offseason and even called the Earl Clark pick.

Let’s just say I wasn’t so right when it came to my preseason prediction for last season or when I famously posted on a friend’s Facebook wall “I GUARANTEE it doesn’t happen,” in the hours leading up to the original Shaq trade that, of course, did indeed happen.

I missed on Matt Barnes leaving after I put too much stock into him telling the fans after the regular season finale how excited he was to play for a contender in Phoenix next season, and I also underestimated how much it would take to get a Nash extension done. But all in all, I’d be pretty happy if I’m right nearly that often in my next rendition of NCAA Tourney picks.

Shaq responds to Republic column criticism

Paola Boivin posted Shaq’s response to her column that has since been analyzed here at ValleyoftheSuns:

“Steve is a good guy and was a fantastic teammate. He has made great contributions as an Executive Producer on ‘Shaq Vs.’ and we are all excited about the show.”

That quote really doesn’t tell us anything. Were the so-called contributions the fact that it was originally his idea? That is left unsaid, and I wonder how excited Nash really is about the show.

I agree with my reader MikeF who suggests Nash and Shaq should play one-on-one in a future episode to settle this thing.

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