The Brazilian Bolt?

After Usain Bolt set another world record in the 100-meter dash on Sunday, J.E. Skeets from Ball Don’t Lie posed the question: Who is the NBA’s version of Bolt?

Through 58,397 votes at the time of this posting, the people have spoken.

In an eight-man field that includes such speedsters as LeBron James, Tony Parker, Devin Harris and Derrick Rose, the voters say the Suns’ very own Leandro Barbosa is the league’s fastest player with 21 percent of the vote.

Beep, beep!

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  • ben

    I'm curious about how fast Leandro could run 100 meters now. It would definitely be under 11 at the start, but after training he could get it under 10, no doubt. He'd be considered another 'tall' sprinter. Not as tall as Bolt though..

  • Mike Scharnow

    The Brazilian Blur strikes again! Gotta love him.
    And that Michael Schwartz guy — a helluva blogger journalist. Love that Flash banner ad!

    So Suns.

  • jt

    Barbosa has all the tools to be a lockdown defender if he ever applied himself