Amare tweets, the fans respond

A couple days ago Amare Stoudemire AKA @amareisreal AKA “Sun Tzu” tweeted, “If I stay with the Phoenix Suns, will I ever win Chmpionship? What do you think world. Suns fan be true to me. Don’t be biased!! Real Talk!”

So the fans responded.

Here’s the best of the @replies Amare got from his peeps on Twitteronia:

mrBREEZE2 @Amareisreal you can get us there, show ‘em Sun Tzu! . Lead those young guys. i don’t wanna think of how long it would be if you’re gone.

AZJoshM @amareisreal No championship until $arver & Kerr get the hell out of town

Arpaxtras @Amareisreal DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE

mteo78 @Amareisreal If not this year next year, Phoenix should average 120 a game easy, that will get them far with some new found “D” this year.

KidNewYork @Amareisreal yah you can win a championship if you Nash learn how to guard the pick n roll.

Furlanfufi @Amareisreal YOU have to learn to rebound and play defense, so the Suns, or anywhere you’re at could win!

beast_swagg @Amareisreal nah i dont think so because the suns get sorrier and sorrier each year… u could be very useful here at houston cause yao Shit

talltom1039 @Amareisreal why don’t you answer that question yourself by going out there and WINNING ONE dumbshit

rsloot7 @amareisreal gotta stay in phx man. since 93 we havent been close as we have while you’ve been here. rid jr23 save $ kerr hap. start leandro

flipndn @Amareisreal yes. i’d say you will help bring 10 championships to phoenix for the first time in history. real talk.

Charlesmia @Amareisreal the ring depends on you. You have the tools to be the greatest. You need to rebound, defend, lead, without excuses. Take over.

cleanriches @Amareisreal I gonna be real.You should go to a contender and be the man on a winning team. Suns org. not making proper moves for success.

hendew4300 @Amareisreal i thinks its possible but it has to happen fast, marion was a huge loss and so was joe johnson. you guys need another big man

phoenix_abigor @Amareisreal you can, as long as you go at things the way SunTzu said in Art of War, with total commitment and focus and desire, of course

HadyMansour @Amareisreal I love Phx & am the biggest Amar’e fan ever but real talk- Phx isn’t winning a championship. The second u bounce I ditch wit u! !

dahking @amareisreal Amare, I support you no matter what. If you want a championship it comes through you and no one else. Offense AND defense.

ADuran2313 @Amareisreal U can be the reason they win a championship! Commit to Defense,individual and team Defense! N get sarver to spend some money

OriginalBizKid @Amareisreal Real talk Amare, you are the future (shaq even said it) this is your team now and we need you to take us to a championship.

RUMZEY @Amareisreal yes u can. take it to the hole like in 05 playoffs. u were unstopable. do that and you can win a championchip in phoenix

livn4now @Amareisreal hey amare, suns go as far as YOUR DESIRE LEADS THEM! any team can score- those that REBOUND & DEFEND win championships!

JimmyP602 @Amareisreal You must not have confidence in your own game if your asking that question Amare.

xZIBBOx @Amareisreal You will win a championship in Phoenix if you keep on improving and reach your full potential and with the help of Nash.

octo3737 @Amareisreal you’ll win a championship if Robert Sarver stops being a cheapskate and sorround you with some quality tallent

binkar @Amareisreal Yup. If ur reboundin #’s improve and u play betta defense U can be da best playa in da game. SunTzu should have 0 weaknesses.

toddtrimble @Amareisreal Stay in Phx & rebuild this team. It took David Robinson 10 yrs to win his first title in SA.

rsavaj @Amareisreal and also this may sound weird coming from a fan but it would be cool if you could take a discount on your next contract ;)

rsavaj @Amareisreal because it would make it so much easier to put pieces around you that you could lead to a championship if PHX had mo $$ to spnd

nogimmick1 @Amareisreal Real talk? Not unless YOU get fully committed to playing D. If not they’ll trade you anyways. D up!!!!

SamyD12 @Amareisreal ask yourself, how do the Suns match up with the Lakers, or even the Spurs now? Answer is no, Kerr has murdered that franchise.

Egoscue_Austin @Amareisreal No, you won’t win a ring there. Sarver is not as committed to winning as he is to salvaging his personal finances. It’s a pity.

muddbutt80 @Amareisreal real talk….naw…you won’t win as a sun. Get out of dodge…while you can!!!

calvinlotz @Amareisreal Regarding your impatience for a championship: Aren’t you a little young to be talking like that? Stay put and be the man there!

Luciow4 @Amareisreal not with steve kerr as your gm u won’t

Daniel_Meyer @Amareisreal playing both ends of the court will make both you and your team better. Also great players will come to play with you…

arturbm @Amareisreal If u agree to get less than a max cont and b a better tmmate, better players would go to the valley n the ring will be closer.

PS1968 @Amareisreal “Will YOU ever win a title in Phoenix?” My answer is: No. Will you and your TEAM win a title win a title in Phoenix, Amaré? …

AZSportsBlog @Amareisreal If they put the right team around you….you can get it done. And I’m a pessimist.

kerr_GM @Amareisreal Yes you’ll win a championship in PHX! Remember, my contract is up after this year and they can hire somebody good. (Editor’s Note: This is not the REAL Kerr GM.)

arniek @Amareisreal It would have been SO much better to see you ask if WE could win a championship rather than I. Think about it.

JaredDudley619 @Amareisreal man i hope so lol esp if im on the team

So there you go, about 1000 words worth of tweets later, and I was even being selective!

The responses were across the board, with some people getting on Amare’s defense, others pleading with him not to ask for a max deal and others still letting him know he just won’t get it done in Phoenix.

What’s most interesting to me is how an athlete can pose a question like that and get so many responses from Average Joes on the street, and Jared Dudley.

Anyone with an Internet connection can let Amare Stoudemire know whether or not they think he’ll win a championship. A few years ago you would debate this point with your buddies, but you would never dream of personally telling Amare Stoudemire that he has no chance of winning a title in Phoenix or that he really should take a hometown discount.

How did we ever follow sports without Twitter?

Another big tweeter

Not the Big Tweeter, he’s in Cleveland, but Jared Dudley has been entertaining, informative and best of all real in his tweets this offseason, from breaking news on Nash’s impending extension to letting us all know about his offseason workouts.

It’s been pretty funny to see him ask Mark Cuban things like, “would u compare yourself to a george steinbrenner? pay for the best talent or a robert kraft more about building through the draft.”

Anyway, follow @JaredDudley619 if you aren’t already, and check out this HoopsHype Q and A with Dudley.

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