It’s only Summer League, but …

Earl Clark

Earl Clark

As has been previously discussed, Summer League went OK for the Suns, although the guys they hope to be contributors next year struggled with inconsistency even against the dreck they were competing against.

Earl Clark showed some flashes, showed some mental lapses and overall put up a pretty mediocre 11.3 and 7.0 considering his competition. took Summer League analysis a step further by calculating the PERs of all Summer League rookies, and the results aren’t pretty for Clark and the Suns.

Of the 25 rookies analyzed, Clark brought up the rear at No. 23 with a PER of 12.7. To put that in perspective, that figure isn’t a whole lot better than the 11.6 PER Robin Lopez recorded during the real season last year.

Granted, that doesn’t mean he should be labeled a bust just yet. In fact, I expect Clark to struggle a bit and not get much court time early in the year but eventually develop into a solid rotation player by the middle of the season.

He has a lot of learning to do and he must find a way to bring it night in and night out, but I still don’t think there are many players from the draft this side of Taylor Griffin’s little brother who are much better than him in terms of pure talent.

At the other end of the PER spectrum was my boy and former Wildcat Chase Budinger, who scorched the rims for a 81 percent true shooting percentage on his way to a 34.3 PER.

No, Chase won’t be bettering LeBron’s 31.76 PER from last season during the regular campaign, but I still think it would have been worth it for the Suns to have dealt a future second rounder and cash once he slipped to No. 44 overall. Knowing the Suns’ fondness for him, I was sure that was the trade when the league announced Detroit had dealt that pick, but oh well.

It obviously would have been a reach to select Chase in the first round, but he was a great value pick for where he was selected, as he proved in  Summer League.

Then again, his former Arizona teammate Jerryd Bayless earned Summer League MVP honors last year, and that didn’t help him much come the start of the season.

  • Artur Baguete Mascar

    Hakim Warrick is available. I guess he would be a good fit for the Suns, sliding Amare to C and giving him the PF spot.

  • Mike gahon

    This summer league doesn’t usually show what’s gonna happen in the regular season just like last year it was bayless who played well but what happened to his season!well never know how good earl Clark until the end of season but robin lopez looks hopeless, I hope he improves!and I think suns griffin is a steal!

  • Michael Schwartz

    Too bad Warrick will cost $$$ …. but yeah, he’d be a nice fit.

  • Ben

    Earl Clark had a much more defensive summer league than offensive. He did a great job on Blake Griffin, and he was able to shut down lesser power forwards, small forwards, shooting guards, and oversized point guards. All that Earl Clark has to do to get minutes next season is play solid defense, finish well on the fast break, and sometimes hit some 18 footers. Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns’ system can make any offensive flaws that a player might have almost disappear.

  • Pedro

    griffin is not a steal. He is a piece of shit who did not deserve to even be drafted. I am sure the asshole would have been available in the 57 pick of the draft but no Stupid ass Kerr gets a good European prospect that would have stayed overseas and not cost the suns a dime at least for a few years but sold his rights to Fucking Cleveland ( AIn't that about a bitch!) Kerr just keeps feeding the fucking cavaliers talent. I still say that the cocks oh i mean the cavs got shaq for nothing. He was a steal. Suns got absoulutely no value from this deal except for an old overrated F/C who was pondering retirement in Ben Wallace and a scrub in pavlovic. We could have had first round draft picks either for this year or next year and clevelands 2nd round pick this year. We could have had Blair! I bet you anything that the suns will trade Stat away to the fucking greedy cavaliers for some magic beans. That is how dumb this stupid fuck Kerr is. Anyway, I hope they get rid of Griffin unless Kerr wants to keep a worthless and untalented brother like he did with Lopez. Who stupid do you have to be to give kurt thomas away for a second round pick and give your first round pics in 08 and 10 to fucking OKC! The only good thing this asshole die was draft Earl Clark. He is a versatile forward who should def help our team offensively and defensivly.

  • Michael Schwartz

    I don’t necessarily condone Pedro’s language in that post, but I do think it’s interesting to note that even a fan as disgruntled as he appears to be loves the Earl Clark pick. All Suns fans are pretty unanimous in thinking that picking Clark was a very good thing even if he didn't exactly light it up offensively in Summer League. I also agree with Ben in that his D may be more important than his O as a rookie. He brings some attributes defensively that other players on this roster just don't have.