Suns News: Ben Wallace bought out

As expected, early this evening Ben Wallace agreed to a $10 million dollar buyout of his current $14 million dollar contract.  The Suns will save $8 million dollars next season from the buyout, $4 million payroll and $4 million luxury tax if they are a taxpayer again.

When the Suns acquired Wallace from the Cavs in the Shaq deal it was expected that he would not play a single game for the Phoenix Suns, but Wallace was considered a valuable trade piece. Rumors were swirling that the Suns would try to trade Wallace’s expiring contract for an active big man, i.e. Tyson Chandler, but that proved to be pure conjecture.  The idea of Chandler blocking shots and boarding next to STAT was appealing, but apparently not appealing enough for the Suns’ front office.

Suns fans, myself including, already started penciling Chandler into the 2009-10 Suns’ starting lineup, but it is clear the Phoenix was not sold on his health and his $12.5 million dollar 2010-2011 salary.  The Suns certainly could use another big body down low, but after the Wallace buyout, that big man will not be Tyson Chandler.

One trade chip from the Shaq trade has already been cashed in, but the Suns still hold on to the very valuable contract of Sasha Pavlovic. Pavlovic is slated to make $4.95 million this coming season; however only $1.5 million of Pavlovic’s contract is guaranteed.  So if the Suns do wish to waive the Serbian swingman they will save a total of $18 million dollars from the Shaq deal, assuming they are a taxpayer.

While the Suns are expected to waive Pavlovic, he could serve as extremely valuable cap relief for any team looking to unload salary. I would expect several Pavlovic trade rumors to hit the mill in the next coming weeks, but ultimately I think the Suns will simply waive him.

Although it is depressing that the Suns most likely gave Shaq away for cash, Robert Sarver got some money back in his pocket and Steve Kerr got the Suns some “flexibility.” No Tyson Chandler is somewhat disheartening, but that $12.5 million dollar 2010-11 salary may have been just as painful.

Frye officially inks with the Suns

Although forward Channing Frye had already agreed to sign with Phoenix, the Suns made it official this afternoon.  Frye will make approximately $4.07 over the next two seasons; the second year is a player option. Frye will be introduced to the Phoenix media Tuesday afternoon at US Airways Center.

  • X

    Frye will trail as the 2ed option to Amare in this newly revamped Suns system. I the fast break scenario I like Clark and Stoudamire finishing hard at the rim, but when things slow down as they inevitably do, Frye will be the one to hit the 18 footer over the stretched defenses raised arms. good luck NBM this team is gonna be fun to watch as they set new records for PPG averages.

  • Chris

    The suns still need to get a center or bring back barnes he contributed last season



  • jt

    The more I think about it i dont see kerr re-signing amare..because the only way we'll have "flexibility" is by not re-signing him..this shaq deal helped but not much..(we're still over the luxury tax) and he's re-signing nash and hill and with that figure being lower we'll still be over the cap..unless he's looking to unload j-rich

  • Suns fan in Portland


    I like this squad too, but it would look a lot better if we still had Marion, or if we had T Chandler, or if we still had D'Antoni, or if we got ANYTHING for SUCKQUILLE!!!!

    Please go away and ruin someone else's team! Pick whichever team is in first place at the trade deadline next year and reshuffle their roster to try and get in the lottery! Yay!

  • RC3

    Damn No Chandler Thats who u need in the playoffs to make this a championship caliber team.Frye coming off the bench with lopez thats a young front court with barbosa and dragic and clark off the bench this would boost seats and also let clark start the season then have hill back him up. switch when u play teams wit defense such as Spurs,lakers and Utah think about it Chandler Stoudemire Clark Hill and nash thats defense if nash ever plays lol

  • jay thatch

    love the sincere effort here to field a great team in phoenix!!!

  • travis

    Sorry to say, but steve kerr sucks. He destroyed a good playoff team in a matter of a year. Fire him

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