Suns Rumors: Grant Hill to New York?

It looks like Grant Hill and everybody's favorite coach will be reuniting in New York very soon. (AP/Ross D. Franklin)

It looks like Grant Hill and everybody's favorite coach will be reuniting in New York very soon. (AP/Ross D. Franklin)

Suns fans have been on edge waiting for something big to happen this offseason. The Shaq trade and Amar’e rumors had everyone believing that things would get ugly, fast.  Since the Shaq trade nothing has surfaced…until now.

That’s right, the big news fans have been waiting for has finally come; well, not exactly.  Yes something has finally happened, but it is not quite what Suns fans were hoping.

Although it is not official, all signs are pointing to Grant Hill landing in New York next season. As you know, the New York Knicks as well as the Boston Celtics have been pursuing the 36-year-old forward fairly heavily this offseason.  When the Knicks missed out on their No. 1 priority, Jason Kidd, they turned all attention to Hill.

However, the Suns are giving it their best shot by sending a contingent of Sarver, Kerr and Gentry – according to an Arizona Republic report – to Orlando to woo the veteran, and Nash put in a call as well. The Suns’ offer has apparently been sweetened, so it’s not over, although it’s not looking good.

Jason Kidd chimed in by saying he thinks Hill will be a Knick, before adding, “I think that would be a good fit. He played for Coach (D’Antoni). They’ll go out and run and have the Garden jumping.”

Hill’s reasoning for “leaning toward” New York is not what most expected. NBA Fanhouse says it is Grant Hill’s wife, recording artist Tamia, who is making the push for New York.  Obviously the chance to reunite with Mike D’Antoni, the mid-level salary, and the New York spotlight have something to do with his decision, but it is his better half that holds the cards here.

New York City would be the perfect place for Tamia to take her music career to the next level.  However, is Grant Hill really willing to play for a 32-win team so that his wife can better her career? We all know how selfless Grant Hill is, so the answer seems to be yes.

Hill once said he would retire if he were traded from the Suns, but it seems like he had a change of heart.  But why would he choose New York over a seemingly guaranteed ring with the Celtics?

Hill has made his fair share of money, and a ring riding the pine in Boston would probably not mean all that much to him. He would rather be able to play starters minutes for a coach he loves, play in Madison Square Garden, and make his wife happy.  Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Grant’s two years in Phoenix are certainly not to be forgotten.  He resurrected his injury-plagued career in Phoenix, playing 152 games in two seasons averaging 13.1 ppg and 12.0 ppg, respectively.  Hill was a terrific locker room guy in Phoenix, and was arguably the Suns’ best player last season.

Grant’s attitude, likability, veteran leadership, and basketball ability will be sorely missed at US Airways Center.  The Suns did want Hill to return to Phoenix, but let’s face it, this is/will be a different Suns team than we are used to.

As Kerr so frequently says, “We are a team in transition.”  Although none of the fans or players for that matter, have any idea what direction this team is headed, it is clear the elderly Grant Hill no longer fits.

But what does this move mean for the rest of the offseason?  The Suns were not willing to pay Grant all that much money, so this move does not save tons of cash.  However, it does open up an even bigger void at small forward.  Expect the Suns to go after a defensive-minded wing player who can play some quality minutes next season.

This move also brings up questions about Steve Nash’s future in Phoenix.  Considering Grant and Steve’s friendship and Mike D and Nash’s mutual man love, it wouldn’t be unlikely that Nash winds up in New York next season.  Nash continues to request an extension with a raise from his $13.1 mil salary.

While point guards like Jason Kidd are only making around $8 million per, Nash is looking for $13-$15 million a year?  To me it sounds like this is Nash’s way of saying: “Please let me out of Phoenix to go to New York with Grant Hill and Mike D’Antoni.”

Maybe the Knicks have assured Hill that Nash will be joining him in New York either next season or the season after.  Who knows what is in the works, but I wouldn’t put it past Knicks GM Donnie Walsh. What we do know is that Grant Hill is almost certainly on his way to New York next season.  What that means for the future of the Suns and Steve Nash remains to be seen.

  • Chris

    Steve Nash will stay in Phoenix and the suns will trade Ben Wallace and also sign Lamar Odom then the lineup is






  • D. Hayden

    Amar'e does deserve a max contract he is a dominant player plain and simple. He can play defense but defense is contagious and when u play with a team where everybody let's their man go by them it isn't a good look. When the team has Amar'e involved which a lot of the time they don't want to give him the ball for whatever reason, but when he is scoring his defensive level rises. Nash is the worst defender of all time so there are always defensive breakdowns because of whoever he guards. I watch time and time again players get career highs when nash guards them. All the good things Nash does are cancelled out because he is getting torched on the other end. Amar'e does need to be rebounding 12 to 13 a game. That makes no sense to me that he can jump that high and only is averaging 8 to 9 rebounds. STAT should be averaging 28pts, 12 rbs,2 blocks, 1 stl a game because he can do that. I don't know what Kerr is waiting on go get Chandler



  • Brandon

    I’m a really getting frustrated with the Suns lack of action in this off season. It has always irritated me how frugal the team is.

    Whether or not they are trying to rebuild or not, no moves to better the team are being made.

    Steve Kerr and Sarver have made some terrible decisions in my honest opinion. The Suns were a big man and some unlucky bouces away from being champs and they completely changed this team. We all know the choices that were made which let to our predicitment. I think Steve Nash once said something along the lines of its, “its tough to win when managment plays to save money” and he’s right.

    Steve Kerr, make a choice, Sarver, open your wallet. Get Chandler, he will offset Amare’s D inefficiencies.

    Amare, you don’t deserve a max contract, play some better D fense and be a team leader. Your offense is great but not enough to warrent a max contract. Even though I’m not a fan look a Kobe, he plays offense and defense all the time and is the team leader. Same thing with Wade. Look at KG, a leader. Your not on that level and until then you don’t deserve a max contract.

    Go after Odem and Chandler, we have a bench now and can make a serious run. Alight I’m off my soap box.

  • jay thatch

    here, here Brandon! (or is it hear, hear?)

  • Brandon

    D. Hayden, Amare is domiant on the offense and yes I agree Nash doesn’t play great defense. Then again he is still one of the best in the NBA offense wise. I don’t think Phoenix would do as well if they had an average offense/defense point guard. Its just give and take. Then again, Nash isn’t the one asking for a Max contract.

    I have no problem with Amare getting a max deal if he comes out this year and plays like he deserves one, that means offense (which he is amazing at) defense, and boards that Jay Thatch pointed out. Also showing leadership earns you a max contract as well as the respect of your teamates.

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