Shooting for one more run?

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Suns are close to a deal with Grant Hill, who got word that Steve Nash is close to agreeing to an extension in the three-year, $33 million range.

The report also has the Suns signing former Wildcat Channing Frye to a two-year, $3.8 million deal, with the second year being at Frye’s option.

It’s hard to know what to believe with everybody having their own sources, but this should make the Suns a playoff team next year if everyone stays healthy.

Nothing is official until the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, but this would obviously be great news for the Suns, in the short term at least.

It would also be nice to finally know what direction this franchise is headed in.

  • JD Smith

    I like it. OK that would finalize free agency for the Suns.

    Lets get this done and then ask what is to be done about Wallace… lets get that Tyson Chandler swap done!

  • Anthony

    They shoulda traded Nash a long time ago. He never could play defense, now he's a year older and a year slower. Trade him now for Portland's Fernandez. Trade Wallace for Chandler. Those moves would make them a playoff team more so thean staying pat with Nash, Frye and STAT. Fernandez, Richardson, Hill, STAT and Chandler with Barbosa, Lou and Frye off the bench (and if Clark works out)… sounds pretty good right?



  • Chris

    This is great news and will get me to the arena for games but I am sick of watching Steve Kerr destroy this team whether it's bad deals or killing morale. I think Stat has a big mouth but most young superstars do, but Kerr has made him feel like a unwanted outsider since Kerr's hiring. Stat has lost a 1 1/2 seasons and has been shopped around more that any other franchise level player I can think of so Stat and that has to affect his game. I worked for a boss who just didn't like me and im sure it affected my performace. If the Suns are to get back to one of the NBA's elite Kerr and his baggage has to go!!!

  • Sunsean

    Nash deserves and is still more than capable of bringing home a ring. Sign em up and play ball!

  • D. Hayden

    Get Chandler get Chandler get Chandler and we can match up with most teams accept for who Nash guards. That is always a mismatch because he will allow anyone to score on him. At least with Chandler in the line up he will be able to stop shots when nash get's beat everytime down the court. Amar'e does have defense people he just doesn't play it all the time. He is the kinda guy that when his offense is rolling then his defense becomes great. When they don't give him the ball his defense lacks big time but hell Amundson, barbosa, dudley and hill are the only ones who play defense consistently and notice three of them are on our bench. Nobody is talking about the back up point guard position. We need someone who can play on the road as well as at home so Dragic you are not it. Go sign a point guard who isn't scared to play damn!

  • PhxSun007

    These moves would be good. Still think we should get Chandler. Frye would be a good addition. I think Nash & Hill will be good role models for the new players & rookies. My BIG question mark is STAT. He wants a MAX contract, problem is he is not worth it. He doesn’t play hard all the time, doesn’t even know what DEFENSE is. He has been bragging for years now that he would get better, but he has gotten worse. He has even fallen off on offense. He use to average 40 ppg against the Spurs, now maybe 20 ppg. Didn’t think I would ever say this but, these days Boozer is better than STAT.. STAT is only worth about 7-9 million a year now, not 20+ million a year.

  • D

    there are alota over paid players in the NBA and alot more under paid. Suns managment n owers need to show the people that they r not folding and giving up, give Amare an extension im sure he will b willing to work out a worthy price, u dont need every guy playing D if ur team can score 140+