Suns Rumors: Amar'e to GS or Houston?

If the Suns do in fact part with Amar'e Stoudemire, Andris Biedrins and the No. 7 overall pick might be the perfect trade in which to do so.

If the Suns do in fact part with Amar'e Stoudemire, Andris Biedrins and the No. 7 pick might be the perfect trade to make.

On a day where rumors are flying around left and right, another trade scenario has hit the rumor mill, this one involving Amar’e Stoudemire. has reported that the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors have discussed a possible trade that would send Amar’e to the Warriors for center Andris Biedrins and the seventh overall pick in tonight’s draft. 

The validity of this rumor is in question, but it is a trade that makes sense for both teams. The Warriors are a team lacking that big-time name, and bringing in a guy like STAT could fill that void. 

As for the Suns,  Biedrins is an up-and-coming center from Latvia who could provide shot blocking, rebounding and a presence down low. 

The 6-11, 245-pounder averaged 11.9 ppg, 11.2 rpg, and 1.6 bpg in his fifth season in the NBA. He is only 23 and has tons of room for improvement in his game. 

The trade not only brings the Suns Biedrins, but they also gain another lottery pick to go along with number 14. The seventh pick could easily snag a guy like Jonny Flynn, Brandon Jennings or even a power forward like Jordan Hill to play alongside Biedrins. The Suns love are extremely high on Flynn and clearly wouldn’t mind having Jennings or Hill either. 

This deal would give the Suns an entirely new look and a ton of youth, which is something Suns fans have been looking for after last season’s debacle.

The Houston rumor

Another rumor being thrown around is a deal with Houston that would send Amar’e and LB to the Rockets for T-Mac, Carl Landry, and Aaron Brooks. 

This deal, however seems to be a media creation and simply speculation.  However, ESPN’s Ric Bucher responded to questions about the deal on his twitter account.  He answered, “Brief talks between Hou and PHX, TMac 4 JRich. Couldn’t get the #s to work. No talk since I’m told.”

Bucher also stated about the Suns, “Next team will be built 2 protect/play w/Nash.”

While the rumors continue to fly around, it seems that Kerr and Sarver are indeed shopping STAT and J-Rich and doing their best to do whatever it takes to keep Nash for the long haul.

Should be an interesting next couple of hours.

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  • Artur Baguete Mascarenhas

    I dont see the Suns shiping Amare to a division rival. Maybe, if a third team gets envolved…

  • Kevin B

    Rumor has it they are not going to send Curry in the deal. If that is the case, this deal is garbage. What do you think abou this deal Mike?

    So how about this, I think it accomplishes both teams goals…

    Amare to New York for Jordan Hill, Nate Robinson, and next years un-protected draft pick? I am sure there needs to be some filler in here to make the salaries work…someone else can figure that out, I am not a GM, only playing one (kind of like Steve Kerr).

    What do you think? I know some people don’t care much for Jordan Hill, but he reminds me so much of a young Amare, and on top of that he has only played basketball since he was a junior in high school and he has improved by miles every year. I am almost positive New York would do this, they need something to get Lebron over there in 2010…do you think they would rather have a draft pick next year, or a chance to pair Lebron with Amare? I know Amare will sign an extension to go to New York and be with Dantoni, and this way the Suns get a good player in Jordan Hill, a fun player to watch in Nate (that can dispell Nash), and a pick in next years loaded draft.

    What do you think?

  • D. Hayden

    If they trade Amare that would be the stupidest thing I would ever see. Amare still has room to improve and is easily the most dominant scoring big man in the league. If he focuses more on rebounding and defense he will be the greatest power foward to ever play the game. So they want to bring Biedrins who will not command a double team, who cannot make free throws, who cannot make a 15 foot jump shot, who cannot dominate in the paint for what? The problem isn’t Amare it is the team as a whole because nobody wants to play defense with the exception of three players Hill, Amundson and Barbosa. I would not be a suns fan if they get rid of STAT and I have been a fan since 1990. Horrible idea to trade him