Suns high on T. Griffin

The red-headed, less talented Griffin may not have been what Suns fans were hoping for, but Steve Kerr and David Griffin alike are very high on Taylor Griffin.

The red-headed, less talented Griffin may not have been what Suns fans were hoping for, but Steve Kerr and David Griffin alike are very high on Taylor Griffin.

PHOENIX – Taylor Griffin, the Suns’ 48th selection in the 2009 NBA draft, was never even thought of as a serious candidate to be drafted this year.  He lived in the shadows of his younger brother during his years at Oklahoma, but the Suns saw past that.

David Griffin, the Suns’ senior VP of basketball operations, seemed to be the guy pushing for Taylor throughout the draft process, as Griffin likes his namesake’s athleticism, aggression, and overlooked size. He measured bigger than most people initially thought, at 6-foot-8, 235 pounds.

He was nowhere near a standout at Oklahoma, averaging only 9.8 ppg and 5.8 rpg his senior season. But it is his hard work and relentless attitude that caught the Suns’ eye.

David Griffin compared Taylor to current Suns Lou Amundson in that he hustles, brings energy and can guard multiple positions.

Steve Kerr described him as, “A winner. Plays hard every possession. Just does a lot of things well. I think he can continue to develop his jump shot. If he gets a smaller guy on him. he’s got a low-post game. He’s a good passer, puts the ball on the floor a little bit.  He’s just a basketball player.”

Kerr also said he was surprised that people weren’t higher on him.  The Suns apparently have a history of taking the “under-appreciated” brother (Robin Lopez last season).

If Kerr continuously insists that Earl Clark will not crack the rotation next season, than it is safe to say that Taylor may not even make the team.  If he does, he can provide a lot of energy and athleticism to the Suns’ depleted front line.

The Suns need all of the bodies that they can get, and Taylor Griffin should be able to come in an provide some minutes off of the bench, if he indeed ends up making the team.

If Taylor Griffin does in fact turn into a Lou Amundson 2.0 or does even half of what baby brother Blake does, I’m sure Suns fans and Alvin Gentry alike would be satisfied.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Honestly, I thought for sure Kerr was going to trade up for Chase, and when I heard the Chase pick was being traded I thought for sure it was the Suns ….. but it was only Houston. I guess another swingman wasn't a huge need after Clark, but with the way the Suns are reloading you can never have too many of any position. I also would have liked a big such as Adrien or Heytvelt.


    wat wrong with steve kerr why wouldnt u let taylor griffin or earl clark get any minutes just like i dont understand why wouldnt they use robin lopez

  • Kevin B

    Wish Kerr would have drafted in up or paid to go up in the second round and grab either Blair or Buddinger…but NO…he falls in love with the un-talented brother again. GREAT!


    As a life long fan of the phoenix suns, I would like to know what direction are you trying take this once mighty N.B.A team. When you trade your two best chances at scoring in the paint. You show us (the loyal following) that you dont want to win. We have suffered enough. Put us as consumers a product that we will be proud to support. thank you ONCE loyal fan

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