Suns get their guy in Clark

The Suns picked the versatile forward they craved in Earl Clark.

The Suns picked the versatile forward they crave in Earl Clark.

PHOENIX – When the Indiana Pacers were on the clock, members of the Suns’ front office were on the edge of their seats.

Then the Pacers selected UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough 13th overall, and you could here the cheers coming from the Suns’ draft room.  

It is clear that from the second pre-draft workouts began, Earl Clark was the Suns’ guy. He has the potential to develop into an All-Star, he fills a need, and is a great fit for Gentry’s Run-n-Gun system.  

Clark slipped past his projection and luckily for the Suns fell into the laps of Steve Kerr and Alvin Gentry.  If Clark was to be selected before the Suns 14th pick, it was almost certain that the Suns would have moved the pick.  

Steve Kerr said it himself during the post-pick press conference: “We entertained moving our pick for the last hour.”  

He went on to say, “The one guy who we said we aren’t moving if we have (at 14) was Earl.”

Clearly, Earl Clark was the guy atop the Suns’ draft board from the start.  The question was, would he fall past teams like the Nets, Bucks, and Bobcats?

As for the new Sun, head coach Alvin Gentry praised his versatility and defense.

“I like his defense, the fact that he plays a good post defense,” Gentry said. “He is a very active defender, he’s got very good hands. Obviously that’s an area we have to get better in.”

Kerr elaborated, “You’ve gotta have people with the size and mobility to stay with someone like that (Dirk Nowitzki), so that was probably the deciding thing about Earl for us.”

Clark brings the Suns defense, rebounding and scoring as well as being a player who can develop into a future piece of this franchise.  Clark certainly will not come in right away and start, but as he refines his range and physical strength he will begin to get minutes.  

“He’s not going to beat out Jared Dudley or Lou Amundson,” Kerr said. “If he is, he’s gonna be really good.”

Whether Clark breaks the rotation or not next year, the Suns got a gem with the 14th pick.  Alvin Gentry compared his game to former Sun Clifford Robinson, without the shooting range.

During a conference call with reporters, Clark was asked what he thought about the Suns’ decision to take him with the 14th pick.

“I think it was a great choice,” he said. “You know, I love their style of play, I think it fits me best. I’m excited to get out there.

“I can run the floor in the open offense, a lot of people know I like to get in the open court.” 

As for Clark’s take on Steve Kerr not envisioning him in the rotation right away: “I’m just gonna come in and play hard.”

Clark might not need to do too much to warrant playing time, as it seems that Amar’e Stoudemire is on his way to Golden State, making this draft pick that much better.  Clark can play the three, the four, and even the five with his 6-10 frame and his 7-2 wingspan.

The Suns are clearly not done moving players this offseason, maybe not even today. Kerr said it himself: “I don’t look at this roster and say, ‘Hey we’re great, lets go home now.’” 

Luckily for the Suns, they got their guy and are on their way to doing exactly what Suns fans feared they would in blowing up the roster.  

Biedrins and Stephen Curry may very well be in Suns uniforms on July 1 when the free agency period begins, which would finally transition the Suns from the D’Antoni years to the Alvin Gentry Era.

  • cbass

    dont trade amare we need him

    we can be soo freacking good with 2.0 matrix clark

    nash LB j-rich clack and amare back to the olden days……. being one of the best dont trade amare

  • cbass

    i meaNT clark he’s gonna be a stud

  • clay

    its an interesting time for the suns.. im not sure weather trading amare would be good either, but im sick of him winging when he’s been on one of the most talented rosters for years. Have faith in the suns, maybe curry and biedrins could work out. I like curry!

  • clay

    trade richardson!!

  • mike

    Unless Amare can play even AVERAGE defense get him the hell out of here! He's so overrated because he never sprints back on D and never even plays solid D!!

    I feel like the only one who sees this. When the Suns traded my favorite player (and their most valuable defender/transition player/and for the most part their BEST player) the team fell apart. Luckily for the Suns they saw Marion getting old and his game has suffered in Miami/Toronto

    WIth all that said, Earl Clark is my favorite college player and it was AWESOME for my favorite team to draft my favorite player.

    I'm back on the bandwagon after leaping for death after the Suns traded Marion for nothing (shaq) and then Raja Bell/Boris for a player (J Rich) that i'm not sold on quite yet (like his high FG % though)

  • jerry

    yea i agree wit george!! dnt trade amare he"s our best player n mike is obviously stupid like steve kerr!!! i wouldn't trade amare even if dey offered da whole golden state warriors.

  • george

    Fire Kerr!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Jerry and George, what planet are you guys living on. Yes Amare is a great offensive player . . . . not quite as good as he thinks he is, but All Star for sure. Besides, I will guarantee you he is gone in 2010, regardless of how rosy the situation seems, so better to trade him now for a high draft pick, solid player, and some coin. 2010 is going to be a huge year for Free Agency, the suns need to be prepared. Kerr has made some bone head moves, and dismantling the offense was a gamble he lost on (Shaq), but I think its time to look forward. There is a lot out there, and its time to rebuild. I would look for some 3-team trade that would land Rondo in PHX, that would be huge.

  • Kerr

    Amare needs to go. His defense is poor, and he seems to lack intensity at times. The Suns have never been able to reach their goals with his game. Why would now be any different? Remember how he stopped wearing his eye guard and missed much of the second half last year? Or the wasted year from knee surgery? He is a liability that needs to mature alot more than I think he realistically will.

  • Swinton

    Amare is the most unstoppable PF in the league on offense if given the proper amount of shots .
    If allowed to shoot as mch as Kobe or Lebron or even Carmelo he would lead the league in points .
    And if he goes to Golden State that’s exactly what he is going to do .
    They dont care if he ever plays defense lol

  • Jonathan

    Amare is good, needs to worry less about offense and work on defense. With Nash, J-Rich, Hill, Clark, & Amare we can do something….I here we can trade ben wallace 2 new orleans for TyChad….that would help alot…plus we got lui, barnes, LB10, & sophmorePG mayb we can win something…if u want a championship…trade J-Rich & get bell back & gwallace! SUNS FAN until I die but the owners r dumb at times….we trade barkley for horry,cassell,brown, n mark bryant… kidd 4 marbury….cliff 4 nothing….let Joe Johnson go 4 nothing…trade kurt thomas 4 nothing…marion 4 shaq was only cuz gasol went to LA….Hire me and I promise a championship no later then 2011….I would of traded marion & diaw back in 2007 for garnett! I would of traded kidd for kobe back in 2002!…..PHOENIX SUNS will always be the best….JUST FIRE the front office that always wants to rebuild every 2 years…look at the SPURS they win with 1 change….KERR take NOTES

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