Suns Rumors: Suns to deal 14th pick?

The Kurt Thomas trade may ultimately cost the Suns this year's lottery pick and commence the blowing up of the current roster. (AP)

The Kurt Thomas trade may ultimately cost the Suns this year's lottery pick and commence the blowing up of the current roster. (AP)

As I was salivating over the idea of seeing Brandon Jennings, Earl Clark or Terrence Williams in a Suns uniform, I saw my draft day hopes squashed by another Phoenix Suns draft day trade rumor.

I was perusing through as I stumbled upon a rumor that reportedly has the Suns sending their 14th overall pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for the Thunder’s 25th overall pick and the Suns’ unprotected 2010 pick that the Thunder recieved in the Kurt Thomas deal two years ago.

I can’t say I didn’t expect the Suns to once again deal another lottery pick, but now that it might actually be happening, it is very hard to swallow.

The question is, why would the Suns do this deal?

The Suns would be moving out of the lottery range into the much less coveted 25th spot, while obtaining their 2010 unprotected pick that seems to be very valuable in next year’s loaded draft class.

But the question is, will that unprotected pick even be in the top 10?

Because the pick was the Phoenix Suns’ in the first place, the Suns would have to miss the playoffs for that pick to even be in the lottery, which apparently isn’t too difficult after last season.

Therefore, if the Suns hope to have a top-10 pick next season, do they do what many people have predicted and blow up the roster? A Shaq trade could be imminent, J-Rich may be dealt, and Nash could be on the move.

But if you blow it up, how in the hell would you be able to retain Amar’e after next season? No Nash, no Shaq, no J-Rich, no Amar’e.  The Suns’ franchise player would be … Leandro Barbosa?

As it was starting to look more and more like the Suns would keep their 14th pick and stand pat this offseason outside of maybe a Diesel salary dump, this trade would certainly change everything.

In regards to tomorrow night’s draft, who are some names the Suns could draft with the 25th overall pick?

One name that comes to mind is Steve Kerr’s good buddy and fellow Arizona alum Chase Budinger.  Schwartz has written about their strong relationship before and has even brought up the possibility of him with the 14th pick, and Paul Coro has blogged about how much the Suns like Chase and 6-10 Swedish forward Jonas Jerebko late in the first round.

If Budinger were there at 25, it would be safe to bet the house on his citizenship to Planet Orange next season. 

Say Budinger isn’t around at 25, the Suns could be looking at some point guards like Eric Maynor, Darren Collison, and Toney Douglas.  Not lottery pick potential, but not scrubs by any means. Maybe Gonzaga forward Austin Daye falls, or the Suns opt for another Euro guy like Israel’s Omri Casspi or Sweden’s Jonas Jerebko.

The Suns could still nab some talent with the 25th pick, just nowhere near lottery talent.

This trade would be another Steve Kerr move that has Suns fans scratching their heads.  But for Kerr’s sake it makes sense.  He doesn’t have to face the criticism by the fans when he would yet again draft a Robin Lopez version 2.0.  He is somewhat forgiven for the Kurt Thomas trade debacle by re-obtaining the 2010 unprotected pick. Finally he gets to hang out with his good buddy Chase Budinger on a daily basis, even if he will be no better than Brent Barry.

Sign me up, right? Not quite yet. Another suspect move by Kerr. But if this does mean this team is about to be blown up, then it will be quite interesting to see if he can bring in some young pieces for guys like Shaq, Nash, J-Rich, and possibly Amar’e.

Although this is only a rumor, it seems to have some serious legs. Stay tuned.

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