Suns Rumors: If it sounds too good to be true …

Calm down everybody, these guys will be staying right where they are. (AP/Jim Mone)

Calm down everybody, these guys will be staying right where they are. (AP/Jim Mone)

That’s probably because it is too good to be true.

It’s very questionable whether Minnesota would be willing to deal just Al Jefferson straight up for the Amare Stoudemire Situation, so to think they’d also be willing to add the No. 6 pick to sweeten that pot is downright loony.

I think every Suns fan who read that rumor knew in their heart of hearts that there was no way in hell it would happen, but it was nice to think about for a couple hours just the same.

The very next morning after everybody got all excited, Spears and The Globe reported that the Suns were rebuffed in their attempts to make this deal happen and new T-Wolves GM David Kahn personally called Big Al to let him know nothing was going down.

Now we can go back to our regularly scheduled offseason, which is sure to have a couple more random rumors thrown in along the way.

I still maintain my stance that the Suns should not and hopefully will not trade Amare Stoudemire because there just won’t be anything close to an Al Jefferson and No. 6 pick waiting on the other end.

The rumors haven’t fazed Amare, who tweeted, “True Amar’e fans, don’t worry about the trade rumors.Its Phoenix Suns Nation for now. Let’s stay focus. By the way my eye is doing great.”

Good to hear his eye is doing well, and good to hear the current rumors aren’t bothering him considering the fact that he admitted that the Suns rumors concerning him around the deadline troubled him a bit. “For now” at least.

What I find most interesting about this whole thing is the way rumors are reported in the age of the Internet in the year 2009.

If my buddy at a party comes up to and tells me he heard about a deal in which the Suns could get Jefferson and the No. 6 for Amare, then I tell him he’s had more than a few too many.

But since a reputable writer in Spears for a reputable paper in The Globe reported it, this thing spread like wildfire.

All of a sudden it’s on ESPN (even making an appearance on my video player) and every other news network and blog out there. It’s a legitimate talking point when in reality anybody who’s ever watched an NBA game could tell you this was never going to happen.

Then finally in the morning we get all the denials from all involved, and it’s as if this rumor never happened. Hell, The Globe has gone so far as to take down the original post that caused all this commotion in the first place for whatever reason.

I really wonder if the Memphis Commercial Appeal would report something totally off the wall that would never happen like Rudy Gay and the No. 2 pick for Amare if the same kind of ridiculous buzz would ensue. In the era of the blogosphere, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Meanwhile, Steve Kerr spent Thursday in New York talking to Steve Nash about his vision for the offseason.

“It was a good meeting,” Kerr told “It was very productive and it was just about laying groundwork for future talks.”

Buckle up, ladies and gentleman, there’s a lot more craziness yet to come.

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