Suns Rumors: An Amare deal that works

Could Amare and Jefferson soon be trading places? (AP/Tom Olmscheid)

Could Amare and Jefferson soon be trading places? (AP/Tom Olmscheid)

I’ve made it no secret that I believe the Suns should keep Amare Stoudemire

That is, unless the Minnesota Timberwolves want to offer something like Al Jefferson and the No. 6 pick.

My argument hinges on the fact that I believe Amare’s value has taken a serious hit with his eye injury and looming free agency from where it was even a few months ago, when all the Suns could get was Ty Thomas and the pu pu platter.

But if the T-Wolves want to deal a budding All-Star along with a pick in the top half of the lottery, I’m all in.

There’s no question the Suns face tons of risks by keeping Amare, such as the fact that they may lose him for nothing in a year, a issue exacerbated by the fact he might not be worth the max contract he’ll likely command if Phoenix makes an all out push to sign him.

I still say it’s worth it to roll the dice due to the caliber of player Amare is. That is unless a team like Minnesota wants to make an offer the Suns can’t refuse.

Jefferson, 24, is a legitimate low-post star that a team can build around for the future, and the Suns would possess a nice young core with him and the two lottery picks to go with LB, J-Rich and their young guns. Add in Nash for this year and possibly Shaq, too, and the Suns would be a load this upcoming year and in position to possibly add a big free agent in 2010.

I honestly don’t think Amare will command this kind of value, but the reason that I am posting it is because it’s coming from one of the NBA’s most trusted writers in Marc J. Spears from a paper in the Boston Globe that’s of a quality that speaks for itself. This isn’t just a random Internet rumor.

It’s also fairly ironic that a Boston writer would be reporting such a rumor being that Minnesota would have had Amare and the Suns a championship (maybe) if Phoenix had pulled the trigger on that Amare-KG deal two summers ago, the kind of trade that in hindsight would be awesome but that I was against at the time.

Instead, of course, KG went to Boston for Jefferson and spare parts and won the Celtics a title, and now the principle of that deal could be on the move to Phoenix for the guy the T-Wolves wanted for Garnett in the first place. Wouldn’t that be something.

I’d be shocked if this happens. The T-Wolves aren’t even that good of a team with a healthy Amare, and there’s no way in hell he stays in Minnesota a second longer than he must. Maybe they’re more concerned about the torn ACL Jefferson is recovering from than Amare’s eye.

Anyway, the T-Wolves need to do something to become relevant, and maybe they think this is their chance to catch lightning in a bottle.

After all, stranger things have happened.

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  • Artur "Baguete&

    I think Jefferson is a great young player and this offer is kinda no-brainer for the Suns.

    Still, I am afraid this may end up like Elton Brand in the Sixers: a great player that doesnt fit.

    Do you guys think that – if this trade happens – its more likely or less likely that Shaq gets traded too?

  • Justin B.

    I would assume that Shaq would be more likely to be traded after this happens, since Al actually needs the low-post to work. I would do this deal in no time flat if I were the Suns. I think the TWolves' main motivation to do this would, as mentioned, be to energize the franchise and "make a splash on draft day" as new GM David Kahn has been quoted as saying. Al would be a weird fit here, but I honestly think the "run-and-gun" is only a temporary style of play suited to our temporary personnel and that as soon as Kerr gets a chance to remake the roster how he wants it, they'll change that to suit the new players.

  • JOsh

    This deal would in some ways break my heart. Amare is my favorite player on my favorite team. he is a soon to be mvp no matter what team he plays on. But I seriously want this deal to go through a big guy down low to start a team around plus a sixth pick with that you can big up somebody good plus we got the 14th pick to get another good rookie if then shaq stay to teach jefferson a few things i think we could win 45 to 50 games next year with alvin as coach he is pretty smart

  • danm

    what needs to happen is shaq needs traded and im not so sure about nash they are old we need to sighn amare to a long deal and get d wade in 2010 along with our pick this year tye lawson come on get it done

  • danm

    2010 champions we get wade shaq and nash be gone fuck em give amare and wade 20 mill a piece

  • danm

    no way do you trade amare

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