Gotta love the Big Tweeter

If the Suns do trade Shaq this offseason, this social media-crazy organization sure as hell is going to miss the Big Tweeter.

But maybe some won’t, depending on what kind of sense of humor they have.

While reading the USA Today at lunch today, I was very surprised to find a brief about the good Twitterer despite the Suns being eliminated seemingly ages ago. It’s the Lakers and Magic, not the Shaquilles, right?

The USA Today tidbit discussed how Shaq posted a Twitterpic with the caption, “This is what van gundy and dwight howards baby would look like.”

Of course, there wasn’t even a link to the photo on USA Today’s site, so good thing you have me to post it below.

Some people don't like Shaq tweeting this is what a baby between Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy would look like.

Some people don’t find this so funny.

However, the newspaper did quote Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for some reason saying, “Sometimes I wonder about his maturity. He’s achieved so much. I don’t know why he stoops to it.”

If I’ve learned anything from Twitter and anything about Shaq, I can’t wait to hear the Big Tweeter’s response.

I wonder why people take this as anything more than the joke it’s meant to be, even if everything Shaq says (and tweets) about the Finals is framed in the context of his years of discord with Phil and Kobe and his cat fights with Van Gundy and Dwight.

Instead everyone should just appreciate the humor in Shaq tweeting stuff like, “Who wants to here jeff van gundy talk about his brother all da night,” and posting pics like these funny photos of the Big Twitterer below.

Shaq knows how to laugh at himself.

Yes, the Big Tweeter definitely knows how to laugh at himself.

Yes, the Big Tweeter definitely knows how to laugh at himself.

Shaq knows how to laugh at himself.

After all, as Shaq tweeted, “Word of the day, learn to laugh, don’t be so sensitive I laugh at all the jokes even the ones directed at me, try send me your funniest …”

Sounds like a challenge to me.

Anyway, it’s amazing to me how serious the mainstream media takes tweets. I average like 0.25 tweets per day, so I’m not exactly an authority on Twitter like I know many other Suns bloggers are, but to me I love to see these athletes’ personalities shine through.

Nic Wise was a reserved freshman and sophomore who shied away from the media spotlight when I covered him at Arizona, not unlike many other collegiate freshman and sophomore athletes.

Now he’s brashly telling the entire world on his Twitter account that “the NBA has got to wait” and @replying to likely lottery pick Brandon Jennings that Golden State would be perfect for him because “DATS YO S–T RIGHT THERE. hoop and play no defense? s–t thats the life.”

The common fan, and even the common media person, gets an inside look at what these athletes say behind closed doors because it’s now out there in the public domain for all to see. It’s like having a VIP pass into the secret worlds of these players.

However, unlike Wise, Shaq has never been reserved in front of the media or anyone for that matter.

I for one hope he continues being the Big Tweeter we all know and love the rest of his NBA career, even if some people don’t exactly appreciate his sense of humor.

The Big Reporter?

As Shaq recently tweeted, “I’m da reporter now.”

First he went to that broadcasting boot camp, now he’s reporting live from his Shaqberry.

Steve Nash is also getting into the media swing, reporting on Game 3 of the Finals for Wednesday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.”

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