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The Suns' Big Three will key any potential title run.

Who will stay and who will go?

In the past week or so, this here Suns blog has spouted the virtues of trading Nash, Shaq and Amare along with a defense for keeping Amare.

Obviously it would make no sense at all for the Suns to deal all of those guys this summer, nor would they ever do that.

By my estimation, there’s a decent chance that one and only one of those guys will be moved (my money is on Shaq), and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if every one of them stayed in a Phoenix Suns uniform next season.

Meanwhile, Steve Kerr is sitting here wondering why there’s so much fuss about Amare in the blogosphere.

“There’s a lot of stuff flying around out there that has no basis,” Kerr told The Arizona Republic. “There’s just a ton of speculation, but there really is nothing substantial going on.

“With most of these deals being speculated about, I haven’t even had a conversation with the opposing team. I read this stuff and laugh.”

I believe Kerr considering how open and honest he was about shopping Amare at the deadline. Even Shaq has often praised Kerr’s openness in such dealings.

But the reason there is so much unfounded smoke at the moment is because of how hard Amare was shopped at the deadline, and although I don’t believe he will end up being dealt for the reasons I went over in Wednesday’s piece, there’s sure to be at least a bit of chatter about STAT.

Anyway, I always find it interesting to take a look at my polls to see what you, the fan, think of these trade possibilities. Yes, I am a journalism major, so I know there isn’t enough randomization to make this poll scientific, but it still paints a bit of a picture.

Of the 120 people to vote in the Amare poll as of this writing, 49 percent say he should be shipped out of town, while 28 percent agree with me that he should not be traded this summer and 23 percent want to wait until at least the trade deadline when Amare will have time to prove he’s healthy.

That’s not a lot of faith from the Phoenix faithful when less than three in 10 people are still firmly on the Amare bandwagon, and half these voters don’t mind that the Suns wouldn’t be getting close to fair value in such a deal.

The Nash poll from last week is even more interesting: Just a shade under 14 percent of the 220 voters want Nash extended regardless of the price. Yes, I am on the other side of this argument, but I would expect more fans would think with their heart on this matter and demand Nash be extended at all costs.

Then 44 percent would rather Nash just play out this season and then figure things out next summer when he’s a free agent and could be lost for nothing, while 42 percent figure it would be wise to deal him if he demands a cap-harming raise.

That leads me to believe that the fan base wouldn’t revolt over a Nash trade as much as I would have expected it to. If Nash does demand that raise and the Suns find the right deal for both themselves and Nash, I think the fans would be OK with it.

As the Finals start (what a clunker of a Game 1), we’re getting closer and closer to the start of the real offseason for the Suns.

It surely will be a pivotal one being that there’s a possibility that every member of the starting lineup may not be back, whereas usually at least a few stars are locks to return.

This time around the Suns could bring everybody back and give it one more try as an aging team that’s one year older, they could do a partial rebuild by dumping Shaq or Nash, they could do a partial rebuild/reload job by trading Amare, they could rid themselves of J-Rich’s contract or they could do something that surprises us all.

Can’t wait for the Finals to end and the real fun to begin.

Speaking of fun

While we are all fretting about his future, Nash has been living it up in Paraguay and making videos for Football for Good, his non-profit dedicated to bringing “community-centered academy football (soccer) to regions that have been ravaged by war.”

Does Nash have a career in Hollywood when he retires?

Steve Nash – ‘The Player’ from meathawk on Vimeo.

join the dream from meathawk on Vimeo.

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