Game Thread: Suns (43-35) at Grizzlies (22-56)

Grizzlies 106, Suns 89











Suns fans were hoping that tonight’s game in Memphis would start a four-game stretch against bad teams that could propel Phoenix into the playoffs while Dallas deals with three contests against playoff teams among its final four games.

With the Suns having been officially eliminated from playoff contention on Wednesday night, instead this weak schedule won’t even give Phoenix the chance to play spoiler against a squad fighting for playoff seeding.

There could be something to be said about momentum going into next year, not that the team that finishes out the year will necessarily look anything like the squad that hits the floor next season.

Rumbles have come from Shaq’s camp about potentially wanting to be dealt to Dallas, but Grant Hill and Matt Barnes have both told The Arizona Republic they would like to stay if the Suns don’t blow this thing up.

The Suns will at least be able to build on Wednesday’s stellar performance in New Orleans, a game in which they yielded 14 points in the third quarter, tying a season low for a Phoenix defensive third quarter.

Steve Nash also played one of his best games of the season with 24 points and 13 assists, but his efficiency in getting those numbers is what stood out most.

Nash missed just two field goals (shooting 7-for-9) and no free throws in nine attempts, and he committed just a single turnover. Chris Paul, on the other hand, torched the Suns for 29 points, 16 assists and seven boards, but he needed 29 shots to get his numbers and he missed a pair of foul shots in four attempts.

It remains to be seen if the Suns go heavy on the youth in this one, but I would expect that day to be coming soon, possibly Saturday in Minnesota with there being no reason to play the vets anything more than token minutes in that back-to-back situation.

In any case, we at are already looking ahead to next year, so UA journalism freshman Jesse Cook will be taking a stab at the Memphis gamer. Hopefully he writes like Goran Dragic played in the first couple minutes of the fourth the other night.

ASU journalism sophomore Brandon Haraway, a veteran of eight VotS posts, will take the reins Saturday night.

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