Game Thread: Thunder (13-41) at Suns (30-23)

Suns 140, Thunder 118










The good news is that the one of the worst teams in the NBA heads to US Airways Center as the Suns attempt to start the Alvin Gentry Era 3-0.

The bad news, of course, is the Amare Stoudemire Hangover.

I expect the Suns to come out one of two ways tonight, either with tons of energy being brought closer together by their fallen star or more than a bit flat, feeling the full effects of being snake bitten by STAT’s injury.

The Suns figure to have the horses to contain the size-deficient Thunder, although Kevin Durant scares the hell out of me.

From a pure basketball standpoint this should be a fun one with Durant pouring in points for an Oklahoma City squad that’s not exactly averse to running.

It will be interesting to see what rotation Alvin Gentry throws out there tonight. In his first two games, he’s already shown a propensity to use his bench, and now with Amare out he’ll have that much more of an incentive to find out what works.

I’m sure it will take a few weeks or so to settle on a rotation he likes, but for those of us who like Small Ball, we’re in luck. We figure to see some lineups with Grant Hill and Matt Barnes at the four with no Boris Diaw to turn to (how bad does that deal look about now?), and my vaunted Nash-LB-J-Rich lineup will likely get lots of tread.

One more thing to consider, what can Courtney Sims do for this team?

The co-MVP of the D-League All-Star Game might get a chance to go to work next to the co-MVP of the real All-Star Game.

Sims now will have the opportunity to prove he’s an NBA player, and for the Suns’ sake let’s hope he’s up to the task.

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