Game Thread: Suns (29-23) at Clippers (13-41)

Suns 142, Clippers 119










Mentally the Suns will be facing one of their biggest challenges on the year tonight.

How do they get up for a team they were beating by 52 last night?

On the flip side, you know the Clippers will bring a much better effort tonight so as not to be embarrassed on consecutive nights by the same opponent. Baron Davis said as much to after Tuesday’s 40-point blowout.

“Tomorrow is do or die,” Davis said. “We know that we didn’t give a good effort tonight and we need to put together a better performance. We will made adjustments and have a much better effort.”

As if the Suns needed any more advantages, they will welcome back starting two-guard Jason Richardson from his one-game suspension for a major speeding violation.

It’s amazing Phoenix’s fast-break attack looked so good without a player as good in the fast game as Richardson is. This is the kind of system J-Rich thrives in, and I think that trade will start to look even more worth it now with J-Rich filling the lane and spotting up for threes in seven seconds or less.

The Clippers will be without their only healthy interior force, Zach Randolph, who was suspended two games for hitting Lou Amundson in the face.

Marcus Camby missed last night’s game with an inner ear infection and Brian Skinner (sore right Achilles) was out as well. If neither player goes again, the Suns will once again hold a major advantage on the boards after winning the rebounding battle by a whopping margin of 58-21 last night.

All in all that should mean another confidence-developing win for a Suns team that may be starting to hit its stride.

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