Bulls out of Amare sweepstakes?

Amare Stoudemire

Amare Stoudemire

For the past few days the Chicago Bulls have been rumored as the most likely destination if the Suns pull the trigger on an Amare deal.

Suns fans are in luck because that mediocre offer from the Bulls is now off the table with Chicago having dealt two of the principals to Sacramento in a deal involving Brad Miller and John Salmons.

Drew Gooden’s Expiring Contract and Cedric Simmons were shipped to Kings Land, and now it doesn’t appear as if Chicago would have the horses to land Mr. Stoudemire.

The Bulls apparently had a standing offer on the table involving Gooden and Ty Thomas, and we all know what Amare would do for that team.

The fact that Chicago would move on to other business tells me the Suns have given them signals that Amare is off the market.

Of course, that’s been reported anyway by tapped-in reporters such as ESPN’s Marc Stein, but such a move by the Bulls speaks louder than any anonymous sources ever could.

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