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For those of you who want to know a little more about me and what I’m doing with this blog, check out TrueHoop’s “Meet Your Blogger” Q and A with me.

I really do feel like blogs such as this one are the future of journalism, especially in the Phoenix market where the East Valley Tribune laid off Suns beat writer Jerry Brown at the beginning of the year along with 141 of his former colleagues.

That meant when I covered the Suns’ game against the Warriors on Friday the Tribune was not represented at US Airways Center, and another media member told me that has been the norm since the start of January. That’s kind of sad for somebody who grew up reading the Trib every morning and used to do some high school stuff for the paper back in the day.

After two summers interning with in which I watched three reporters traipse across the country to cover the D-backs and four to cover the Dodgers, I found this absolutely mind boggling that nobody was at US Airways Center to cover a home game

I guess that’s just a sign of a time in which papers like the Tucson Citizen (a paper I’ve interned at) may be closed before Arizona’s basketball season ends and others like the Tribune gut their staffs due to financial reasons, to the detriment of the readers.

As it is now, the Suns are essentially covered by just one newspaper, The Arizona Republic, and Paul Coro certainly does a terrific job, but the beauty of covering the Dodgers last year is that I knew after writing a gamer I could read three other versions of the same game with a different spin on it as opposed to what I chose to focus on.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that in Phoenix right now, and it’s the fans who are the losers.

As more and more print papers fold up their tents, I think it will be up to local blogs like this site and many of the other quality blogs covering the NBA to complement the work of veteran reporters like Coro.

I plan on doing my best to come up with creative angles, while adding in some audio and potentially even a little video when I get credentialed.

OK, I’m off my soap box about the depressing state of media today. Let’s get back to basketball!

  • Kenny

    The good news is…. those of us that read every scrap of every article concerning basketball and especially Suns basketball are here to help :)

  • Hersey

    I used to work at the Tribune back in the day and I sat across from Jerry when he was mainly on the Coyotes and Mike Tulumello was the Suns beat writer. I found it odd a few weeks back when the Tribune sports site was all AP stories. Now I know why…

    I think online is the way of the future but it’ll take time to build up the credibility and strong relationships to get good stories, sources and dirt.

    One thing about the Suns possibly rebuilding, the blogs for bad teams are often really good. It can be fun to watch the draft closely, watching players develop and see them take those steps toward contention.