Game Thread: Suns (28-22) at Cavaliers (39-11)

Cavaliers 109, Suns 92











It would be easy for the Suns to mail this one in and call it a first half.

After all, they did that Monday in Philly, last week in Oakland, a few weeks back in Boston and Charlotte, and you get the point.

These are after all the mighty LeBrons, they of the 23-1 home record and No. 3 overall ranking in both offensive efficiency (110.1) and defensive efficiency (98.9).

And did I mention that LeBron guy? I hear he’s kind of good.

On the flip side, the “1″ in the 23-1 came Sunday against the Lakers (I know, Suns aren’t the Lakers, but at least we know they aren’t invincible at the Q). Plus, the Cavs enter this one having lost two in a row after dropping a weird one in Indiana last night in a building in which Phoenix won earlier this season.

It doesn’t mean much in actuality, but I think it would be nice for the Suns to avoid the ninth spot in the West heading into their city’s showcase All-Star Game. It would just look better to the national media that figures to bombard us with “What’s wrong with the Suns” stories over the break.

Phoenix can guarantee that with a win, but at least take solace in the fact Utah hosts those mighty Lakers.

The Suns have lost so many games to teams they should beat this calendar year, could it be time for them to beat a team they probably should lose to?

Maybe if they play like they did on Sunday, not a chance if they play like they did on Monday.

  • Kenny

    I'm seeing reports from Coro and the AZ Republic that Nash may not play tonight as a "game time decision". That doesn't fare well for us I suppose.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Yeah, no Nash, great. At least he'll have a full week of rest to get better.

  • Brandon

    Gotta say I'm surprised it's not a blowout yet.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Yeah, they're playing well, just too many turnovers.

  • Brandon

    Just… pathetic.

  • Mike

    Ok, so… a good coach would know that Mo burnt them for 43 last time out, shooting from the pocket in the zone between the point and the wing at about 18 ft. Maybe they'd try something different.

    But you see, Porter doesn't know what he's doing. Maybe if it was the first time Mo went off on Phoenix I'd understand, but this time it's the same guy, same way, same strategy.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Terry Porter's defensive strategy is not only non-existent, it's borderline insanity.

    Last game it was being tired. This game it's because Nash is out. I'm sure Porter has a huge list of excuses about why this wasn't a good game, etc.

    At the end of the day, his team doesn't trust him, he doesn't have a plan, and he's embarrassing a once proud franchise.

    Best yet, he's not being held accountable and instead the players are having to pay for it.

    I wonder what Grant Hill thinks, after playing for Coach K and coming from a winning program at Duke. It's probably one of the first times in his career that he's been with a team so talented, but also so outmatched at the coaching position.

    Trades? Whatever. Fire this coach and get on with the season.

  • Brandon

    Anyone find it odd that Nash isn’t even on the bench but is back in the locker room?

  • Mike

    Schwartzie — you have to call out Kerr and Porter, man. This is getting ridiculous.