Sims signed as 13th man, but for what?

Don't expect many highlights like this from Sims. (AP/Carlos Osorio)

Don't expect many highlights from Sims in Phoenix. (AP/Carlos Osorio)

I just don’t see what Courtney Sims, who the Suns signed to a 10-day contract on Tuesday, brings to Phoenix aside from a warm body needed to fill out the roster.

Then again, it probably doesn’t matter who the Suns sign as the 13th man, he can probably warm the bench as well as you or I could.

That’s not to say Sims is a bad player, because his 22.4 ppg and 11.6 rpg in the D-League certainly jump off the page.

But he’s a 6-foot-11 power forward-center type who’s not going to find many minutes in the frontcourt outside of garbage time.

Think about it, Amare logs 37.1 minutes per game and Shaq 30.3, leaving about 29 minutes for everyone else before adjusting for the fact that that figure is lowered by blowouts like Monday’s in which both players sit the fourth.

Then Lou Amundson has deservedly been playing about 20 minutes or so per game, leaving less than 10 minutes for Matt Barnes at the four in small ball (a lineup I love, especially with Alando Tucker starting to earn time), Jared Dudley and Robin Lopez, who eventually will belong on an NBA floor, maybe even later this year.

Sims may get a couple minutes thrown his way in games Shaq sits, but I’d still rather go heavy with Barnes at the four and get your best players into the game in such situations.

Of course, Sims’ deal will practically expire by the time the Suns finish this road trip, so nobody need get too attached to him just yet. The Suns can sign him to a second 10-day contract, at which point they much decide whether they want him for the rest of the year.

Ideally, the Suns would find a veteran backup point guard, likely through trade due to the dearth of such players on the open market, but even that would mess up the eight-nine-man rotation the Suns have settled into.

Sure, it would nice to get Steve Nash some more rest, but at what cost to the minutes of Leandro Barbosa, Jason Richardson and even Tucker?

In that vein, I’m not sure it matters who the Suns sign for the final spot on the bench, I just don’t see what a big man like Sims adds to the current mix.

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